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When you find bibles/ religious items in a locker what do you do with them?

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I asked that of a fellow a few years ago and he said he gave them away at the flea market to anyone who asked how much they were.

A few months ago I got about 20 and have been selling them for $3 to $10 on a pretty regular basis. The 100 or so Gospel cds didn't hurt either !  ;D


I keep the CDs of course. For most of the bibles however they end up getting tossed if they are signed/dedicated to someone.  Use to turn them back in with the personal stuff but the companies said they didn't want the crap back.  Goodwill and churches don't want them....only new unused ones.

I have a few small ones new in plastic but they have not sold yet.  Maybe it's due to liven in the south ans everyone has 5+ bibles each, not counting the "family bible".

Same as Movieman, I sell the bibles/cds/pictures etc. Even the black jesus stuff sells eventually. Theres just something that doesnt feel right about throwing a bible away, but I can live with selling it.  ;)

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