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New Auctioneer For Storage Wars Dallas identified as Colonel Walt Cade

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Storage Wars Dallas Walt Cade or Sutton
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Check out this article posted Sunday in Towers Over Texas by Bill Bam

Went to the storage auctions at Abby Storage on Military Parkway in Dallas this past Friday and low and behold Storage Wars Dallas was taping the auctions. There were 14 units up for auction and must say the prices on the units that had some value was crazy high. $250 units going for $600 and $100 units going for $400, no way to make a living buying stuff like that at retail price. Funny how people get so carried away when they think they have a chance to get on TV.

The two guys who seemed to be the main characters of the show seemed very dull. They had very little to say and really only talked when they were promted by the director for the camera’s sake. The auctioneer, Jackie Sutton, was the star of the show. Jackie is a real cowboy, stetson and all, and his Texas drawl is as real as they come. He runs the best aucitons in the Metroplex, very organized so there was little waiting time. Even with the show taping (and retaping) he was able to get 14 auctions done in about 1.5 hours. Well done Jackie!

The current tapings are due to air sometime in the fall when Storage Wars Dallas premieres (not sure if that is going to be the exact title of the show.) Hopefully these auctions make the final cut and an episode is made out of them. There were some great moments through the day. One was the finding of a “loaded” 22-caliber rifle in a locker, which was removed and unloaded for the cameras. Unfortunately any firearm that is visible (handgun or long gun) is removed and not sold, per Texas law. The other highlight of the day was the facility manager’s son, he was the spitting image of Jackie, all dressed in his stetson cowboy hat and cowboy boots. He followed Jackie around all day and “help” him call the auctions. The main characters did buy a couple units so hopefully they find somehting good in the units to make it worth while for A&E to air this as a show

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Hi BigBuyGal.  That was my post on towersovertexas, which is also my website.  Unfortunatley my database crashed this past week and I have lost all my data.  In any case I am here to verify the above info and can actually add to it.  We attended another aution today where SW Dallas was taping.  Below is a cut and past from another post I made on another site, sorry to tired to retype it all.

I have been to two of the SW Dallas tapings. The first had Jackie Sutton as the auctioneer, this was at Abby Storage on Miltary Parkway a couple weeks ago. Today Walt was the auctioneer, and it appears he was filling in for Jackie. This was at Abrams Skillman Storage. It appears the first names of the buyers are Bubba and Rick (Rickie?) as a team, a lady named Lisa, and a guy named Vic. It also appears that Roy Williams the former Cowboys DB (not the receiver) is also involved but not sure he is a regular, he won a unit at todays auctions.

Re: New Auctioneer For Storage Wars Dallas identified as Colonel Walt Cade
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I just went back to see this article again, and it is now gone. Any reason why you removed it?

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