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Great cheap unit pays big!

Great cheap unit pays big!
« on: November 07, 2011, 10:54:57 PM »
Hello all, I just wanted to share the excitement.  I purchased a unit today at a U-Haul in Conyers GA.  I purchased the 2nd unit of the day.  I paid a whopping $200.00 for it.  At this particular U-Haul the auctioneer shows the unit to all at the auction, he then closes the unit door and starts the bidding.  He closes the bidding very fast.  He does not really give people the chance to think on it.  He says anyone, anyone, sold.  You would think that he would keep the door open, and work the auction a LOT more than he does but to each his own I guess.  Cheaper units for us I guess.  Speaking of cheaper units this is the cheapest unit I have ever purchased.   I generally only purchase units that are large or units that I see good value, hence the higher prices that I normally pay.   This unit was a 5X10 and had a nice couch, (couldn’t see the cushions; gamble.)  It had a mattress and box springs and a few boxes that you could see.  Not a whole lot of interest but I couldn’t let it go for only 190.00 so I bid $200.00 and won it.   After paying for the unit I went to go check things out in the unit with a buddy of mine that was there also.   I opened the first box that was visible and found a police officer shield/badge from Maryland.  In that same box I found a laptop, some music mixing equipment.  Then I noticed a blue bag in the box.  I opened it up and Bingo. There were approx. 200 to 300 sports cards, half of which are packaged individually in Hard plastic sleeves or hard plastic cases.   I decided to do a little climbing and got on top of the couch.  ( it was standing on its side so no one could see past it.  While on top of the couch I saw a couple of odd shaped boxes.  I pulled the first one and it was slap full of comic books. SCORE.  At this time I had other appointments to get to and had to leave. All the while dreaming of the uber rare comics that could be in the unit.  After all of my appointments I took my kids back to the unit with me to see what else was there.  I think that I have gotten most of the goodies out of the unit and so far I have real close to 1700 comic books, everything from Spiderman, Batman, Fantastic Four,  to some off the wall names.  Around 200-300 sports cards.  A collectable porcelain doll from the Timeless Collection (value is approx. 80)   A Limited edition (Only 2500) Shaquille O’Neal Rookie Promo card signed, numbered and authenticated with a certificate (value 100.00).  Almost all of the comic books are in pristine condition.  They were collected by someone who cared about them.  Every single one of them except maybe 10 is in plastic sleeves that are taped shut.  I have comic books that span from 1970’s to 2000’s.  This unit is by far the best unit that I have gotten.  I had run out of yard sale furniture and needed a quick inventory boost yet from this 200 dollar unit I fully expect to make 3 to 5 thousand dollars.  Anyone interested in buying some comic books or knows of someone who may be interested?  Let me know if you are or know someone who is.

Re: Great cheap unit pays big!
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I hope you do well with the locker but I'll be surprised if you make 3-5k on it.  Sports cards, comics, and other collectibles are mostly in the toilet currently.  When people can't pay the rent, or buy food, the hobbies get put on the backburner.  A guy down from me at the flea this weekend had a large sports collection.  He drew crowds to look but not many buyers.

It may pay to get that promo slabbed and graded if you think it's worth 100 or more.  That way the price for it will rise.

Good Luck

Re: Great cheap unit pays big!
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Congrats 7 good luck.

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Re: Great cheap unit pays big!
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Re: Great cheap unit pays big!
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Nice find! But I'd hold onto the sports cards and comic books. Wait for the market to go up again. If there were a plethora, there will hardly be a rare item.

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