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Hopeful score today

Hopeful score today
« on: March 17, 2012, 08:53:22 PM »
Storage units bombed for us today so we hit some yard sales. Stopped at one and offered 40.00 for the rest of what she had. Got it home and looked closer at this. Started to do some research and couldn't find that green logo for nothing. Then out of the blue I scored a hit on it. A lady has a different peice with that same logo. So I read what her description was and it said that that logo was the first one used by the Carl Schumann company from 1900 to 1927! She linked a site and I went and did some more reading and their experts believe that it easily could date back to 1861!! I've sent them an email with these same pics attached asking if it's possible there are reproduction peices out there or if it's even remotely possible that this could be original. Paid .50 after we averaged out the 40.00 across all the peices.

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Re: Hopeful score today
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Very nice looking hope u score!!!

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