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My first unit I ever bought was my best one, still yet to find anything close

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That sometimes happens and hopefully it won't happen right off the bat for all the newbies. Coming down from a great buy isn't as much fun as working your way up to a good one after a few bad and medium-good ones. They're not all winners for sure.

I have fond memories of the good ones and can almost tell you when I got them (from within 7 years ago) and can certainly tell you the highlight items from each of the good ones.

Nice unit, cool video!

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Nice unit, cool video!

Thanks, best two items in there were probably the 50" Phillips Flat Screen with wall mount got $500 for that off craigslist and then sold the bose in wall invisible speakers for $250 on ebay.

I found a bag of about a dozen doonie and bourke purses. I thought I would make a killing off those, years ago I bought one for my gf at Macy's and spent $200 on one on sale. I was getting like $20 for those on ebay. Apparently that brnad isn't that sought after anymore was bummed out about that, thought I had a fortune with those purses.

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My second unit I bought is my best one so far. First was a big learning lesson, even though I made soem profit on it. But second unit, looked like hell, paid $180 for it. I made that back with a handful of scrap silver, everything else was pure profit, which was over $500. Lol, I still got about another $100 or so of inventory left from that unit.

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