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Picked up two lockers today!

Picked up two lockers today!
« on: June 22, 2011, 11:15:24 PM »
So I got two lockers today at a smaller facility North of Seattle.  Not cheap, with everything included, I paid $1045 for the two units.

So far, I have found a Bulova 14k gold watch, and another watch that has a 10k bezel.  I also have a pretty nice roll top desk with all kinds of drawers and storage compartments......way nice than most I get.  I got a really cool leather chair with the brass tacks all the way around.  It looks like a normal chair, but it's actually a recliner!  No rips or tears, and actually in very good condition.  

I got a nice, very old, round table with big massive base.  The auctioneer I take some of my stuff to thought it should go for $300-$500 at the auction house, so I may go that route with it.  There is also a writing desk in one of them that the people really went out of their way to cover up.  I pulled off part of the covering, and what I saw looks really nice, so hopefully it will be good.  

The one lady was also the QVC Queen.........there are tubs full of brand new QVC boxes!  I'm skeptical about that stuff.  I suppose it has some dollar value and will probably make good garage sale/swap meet stuff, but I doubt if it's worth a whole lot.  

I've also found some jewelry, but other than the two watches, I haven't found anything else that is gold or silver.   I still have a lot to go through.  I got one unit emptied and rented the other one for two weeks so I can have some time to go through it.  I have auctions the rest of this week, so needed to buy myself a little time.  

I'll post some pictures up when I get around to unloading the trailer and go through some more of it.

Re: Picked up two lockers today!
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Over all seems like a really good find.  8)

Re: Picked up two lockers today!
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Re: Picked up two lockers today!
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Re: Picked up two lockers today!
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I'm from the Seattle area also. What Auction house do you use?

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Re: Picked up two lockers today!
« Reply #5 on: July 31, 2011, 09:42:34 AM »
Nice finds, good luck with the rest of it!

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