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The Insanity Continues........

The Insanity Continues........
« on: February 17, 2011, 10:29:54 PM »
Went to what would normally be a small quiet auction today and it was everything but.  Nothing new, way too many people showing up for way too few units.  Most of the units were pretty lame and sold for way too much.  The couple that were minimally acceptable went for way too much. 

I bid on a 50-75 unit, and I ran the "winner" up to 350 and dropped it.  The regulars were shaking their heads.  Even the auctioneer was shaking his head (and counting his money!)

I also bid on the other unit, a solid 200 locker if I've ever seen one.  I went to 300, and the bidding stalled out and I was actually afraid I was going to get stuck with it.  But, my fear was for naught when two noobies got caught up in the moment, and it went to 675!  Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!

Re: The Insanity Continues........
« Reply #1 on: February 18, 2011, 05:55:00 PM »
I did the same today. I run 4 units up today, it is so fun to see the dumbasses falling for it (hook line and sinker)
One i bid up to 400 (this was a 200 unit)  and one up to 550 ( this was maybe a 275 unit)

Then we went to location number 2, here i helped out and run a 40 dollar unit up to 200. And a 100 dollar unit up to 210.

I hope their wallet hurts tonight, and that reality comes knocking tomorrow when they dig thru their ****.

I wish you newbies a happy trip to the dump, and a lot of overtime work the next month to get your money back.

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Re: The Insanity Continues........
« Reply #2 on: February 18, 2011, 07:10:22 PM »
Well, I was a nice guy today. It was pouring rain here in Central California but the crowd turned out anyway.
Really, only about 40 which is a nice down turn from 60 to 75 !

There were maybe 8 lockers and I didn't have to run anyone up...they did that all themselves.
A couple of 5 x 10s went for $500, but at least one of them looked pretty good. Each was only 2/3 full.
Then a 10x20 with some nice furn showing started around $400 but after about 3 or 4 people were in it up to about $800, it KEPT ON GOING !  Two bidders went after each with a rep for just going and going because "he's the man!"  Well, man, you got if for $1,675 and I would have paid about $600 to $700 at the most.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. I didn't get one, but I got two this week at $500 and $375 and I am happy with them.

Re: The Insanity Continues........
« Reply #3 on: February 18, 2011, 10:02:09 PM »
I skipped the auction today and bought a bunch of tools from an unadvertised estate sale.  I got tipped off by a friend, and I got to browse through them last night and make an offer.  They called me back this morning and told me they had a few more things they wanted to add, so I went back over there around noon and looked everything over again and made a new offer.  They called me back about a half hour later, so I took a couple of truck loads to my shop this afternoon.  50 Power tools!  Plus all kinds of accessories, and an antique apple peeler, an old bayonet, saws, router bits, table saw, band saw, specialty tools, bull float, wood and metal clamps, etc, etc. 

In the meantime, I heard the auction that I skipped today had a ton of people, and approx. 20 units sold for over 11K!  Holy crap!  I guess some of them went for well over a grand each.  Lot's of "learning" going on there today!  I think the estate in the hand was better than an overpriced storage locker!  I'm still going tomorrow morning (although with three units and the advertising they've done on CL and their reader board, it's probably a waste of time) and every day next week.