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Do storage facilities in your area list their auctions on Craigslist?

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In my area storage facilities don't list their auctions on cList, but I did get a terrific deal on renting a locker through a facility cList ad.

The place was in an OK part of town and the deal was offered by new management. The deal was any locker for $15 a month for each of 3 months. I took the biggest one they had, a 10 x 30. I used it as a clearing house for lockers I bought at their facility each month for the next 3 months and then I was gone.  Thanks managers !

This place used to have sealed bids and now they are using the Dotson crew and there are no deals to be had in any way. Oh well, back to picking.

Re: Do storage facilities in your area list their auctions on Craigslist?
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In NC, now a facility no longer has to buy a legal ad to advertise their auctions. But they do have to list in a public forum. Many of the chains have a website to list all their auctions. The smaller companies list on craigslist, some still don't know that you don't need to buy a legal ad.. Others advertise on auctionzip, storage treasures

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