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So Ebay just kills me with their fees and paypal...  I read an article about ebay and their were a bunch of comments about eBid (in business since 1999 or something).  Flat 2% commission on sales and allows paypal, google, etc for payment.  Anyone have any experience with eBid?

I can't really afford to sell on Ebay.  They eat up too much of my profit for too little bidding.  Maybe I am doing something wrong, but all of my recent auctions only have 1 bid right at closing.  eBid has an auto extend feature which adds 60 seconds from the time of the last bid - would prevent sniping if I list some of the collectibles.


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ebid is a interesting looking site but looking at the closed auctions they arent getting a lot of traffic , even though its not what it was ebays still giving you the best exposure

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What is the URL for ebid? I went to ebid dot com and it looked like a domain place holder so I passed on looking around.

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I just did some surfing on the site and ran across a poll they had about adding a "best offer" feature. They had a space for user comments and here were three towards the top:

Posted by Nick on March 6, 2012 at 4:56 am.  From 81.145.180.x  Report Abuse 
I set up a ebid account last year for selling, on ave I sell about 50 units a month on fleebay, on ebid I did 2  needs pushing more to get people looking!

Posted by Chris on March 5, 2012 at 1:34 pm.  From 86.19.226.x  Report Abuse 
I list on ebay and ebid my sales on ebay in one day are more than my sales on ebid in a month. I list over 400 items on ebid and I only sell under 10 items a month. It would not be worth it to me if I had to pay listing fees.

 Posted by Dave on March 4, 2012 at 5:40 am.  From 81.155.22.x  Report Abuse 
I have voted yes, but I dont see this as an underlying problem,
I have spoken to many many people about Ebid and they didnt know it existed, so I see this as the main issue, It requires a TV advertising campaign to make people aware there is an alternative to EBAY

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One cool thing they are doing is offering what they call SELLER+. You pay a one-time $49.49 fee and get Zero listing fees, Zero FVF, 5 Free Photos, 5 Stores, Unlimited Listings and a T-shirt so that you can wear it and let people know that eBid even exists.

Think I'll stick with eBay. Even at 12%, it's still one of the cheapest sales options in the marketplace and gets a lot of traffic.

I am considering an ecrater store just to have a second venue for people to see my stuff, but I think eBid, even being around for over a decade, has some building to do.

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I've tried other online auction sites, they just don't get the kind of traffic Ebay does. The Ebay fees are bad enough, but there feedback policy is what kills me. The sellers are treated like crap and the buyers have all the rights. You would think since the sellers are technically the customer since they are the income source for Ebay, they would be treated better. Amazon briefly tried it's hand in online auctions, and let me tell you the checkout for sellers was a joke. Also tried to sell a old police badge I had on an another website, it just generated fees for me, no sales.   

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