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I'm also questioning this Business.

Re: I'm also questioning this Business.
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I didn't read all the responses, sorry if I'm repeating anything.

I have been doing this over 10 years, way before the shows and I don't go as much as I used to because of the shows.  Right now is a bad time to get in this business because everyone is because of the shows.

But, if you must get into it this is my advice take it however you want.

First off you need at least a pickup, you need a place to store the stuff and sort and you need a outlet to throw away the trash.

When I was going to 5 plus auctions a week I would sell the furniture on craigslist collectables on ebay and the rest at the flea market.  I would fill my garage up during the week and sell it before the next week. I would take my 6x12 trailer to the flea market on Sunday full and come home in 5 hours almost empty. My buyers knew I would deal because I needed the room in my garage. I got the prices I wanted and freed up space for more.

If you havent been to a storage auction yet then I suggest to go to a few. What you see on the tv shows is for entertainment.  You have to take everyrhing out of the unit even the trash you cant be like Barry in Storage Wars and throw everything outside take what you want and leave the rest. If you do you will never be back.

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Re: I'm also questioning this Business.
« Reply #16 on: January 28, 2012, 12:11:45 PM »
I did this business without a truck or even an SUV for years. It sucks, requires more planning and more time but can be done. Other downside is you tend to shy away from lockers with furniture, mattresses, etc. If you get cool with the facility managers they will often let you use their trucks for free if you fill up the gas. UHaul takes forever to check out a truck and is expensive but many home depot stores let you rent trucks for a few hours for like $24 no mileage fees. As far as this business goes dont think you can buy a unit and just sit back and list on ebay. Many items dont sell on ebay, are too heavy to justify shipping costs, etc. Its really a hustle lots of flea markets lots of meeting up with people on craigslist, have to go to lots of auctions. That said money can be made. I've been lazy lately been busy with work and other things and have another hustle thats much easier and making me much more than storage auctions ever did so currently storage auctions are more of a side hustle to make a few bucks and find items for myself that i personally need

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