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Need some help getting started

Need some help getting started
« on: July 26, 2011, 08:55:18 AM »
Well I'm about to attend my first auction tomorrow and I was wondering if maybe you guys could give me some advice. Not just about tomorrow but for the future as well. Right now I'm using a site called to find listings as well as public notices, from what I've found in with the public notices storage treasures seems to have nearly all the same listings. Any opinions on the site? I'm in the palm beach county area, are there other sites that you guys really like maybe something local I missed?
I was also wondering about how or if you guys try to find out a bit about the people whose units are going up for auction. I've done a few google searches that turned out ok but maybe there are some better specific sites you could share? Thanks for taking the time to help if there are any other tips you wouldn't mind sharing I'm all ears.

Edit: I just thought of another questions I wanted to ask, When would be the best time to call to confirm an auction? The morning of the day before, etc.

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Re: Need some help getting started
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Try this site its free.

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Re: Need some help getting started
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