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Question for those who like to drive up the bid

Re: Question for those who like to drive up the bid
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Well, starting the threads doesn't seem to be the problem .... again IMHO.... but as you said, getting people to chime in with their thoughts on the many subjects already started. With almost 2,000 members and a fairly small number starting threads and similar small numbers responding, it's definitely a small circle.

Maybe that's the way it is in a lot of subject areas though.

I belong to several forums ranging from watches to motorcycles and its the same in all of them.  Whatever the number of members in each forum is, its always a small percentage that actually post or respond on a regular basis.   It's commen sense and human nature.  Ever go to a seminar or symposium with a large number of people?  When it's time to ask a question or speak up, it's usually just a few people.  Not everyone has something to say, verbally or in writing.

My 2 cents.

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