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Can't win'em all....

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Can't win'em all....
« on: July 06, 2012, 07:03:43 PM »
I picked some old flashlights a while back.  $2-$3 each.  Really cool looking and for that price figured I could at least get my money back.  Turned out they ranged from $20-$60 on eBay and people are bidding hard.

So last week was at an estate sale and saw some same style's, really old, so picked them up at $5 each.

Just went and researched them ANnnnnnnd.....people have them listed for $5.   ::)
And in better condition. bids.  :-\

At least they work and kinda cool looking.  Guess I'll toss them in the pantry for my own use.  Tho, the battery cost more than a new, better, rechargeable lanterns.   ::)

Also, kind shocked I haven't been able to move the Vices I picked at $10/ea.  they range from $180-$450 new.   Asking $50-$125.  All are like new. Used but not beat at all.
Not a bite!   Going to have to load'em up a shop them around.   Sell them from the trunk of my car at 7-11 if I have to....    ;)