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Through the link on Texas Laws in the earlier post, I found the link for Washington State Laws that states that the facility is responsible for removing personal photos and papers from the unit before selling them. First of all, I feel this places undue burden on storage facilities. Second, I am not saying that storage facility managers are dishonest but if someone is going to be going through boxes and boxes looking for personal papers and photos, if they came across something like the Unit that held $500,000 in gold and sliver in California, would it would actually get auctioned? Washington State, the place I have lived my whole life and cherish, is to me, becoming something of a police state.  I am new to storage auctions and I am now conducting research to see what is and is not legal along with the processes for selling the things that might found be in the units.  I am finding that in the State of Washington the laws may hinder those looking to become storage auction participants.

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