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Reality Shows about Storage Auctions / Storage Wars shooting update
« on: January 13, 2013, 01:00:33 PM »
I ran into the Storage Wars crew Jan 11. They were at that same facility in Montebello California, where I saw them last year. About half the lockers had already been sold when I arrived.

No Dave Hester, but they brought Mark Balelo back. Tweedle-dee-dee, tweedle-dee-dum. Barry was hanging out with a Chinese guy, who was dressed in red with a matching cowboy hat and very long (approx 20 inches) pointy shoes flecked with small mirrors. Five of the lockers were from some furniture store that had closed. Barry bought the one with paintings and mirrors. Brandi and Jarrod got the other four. I bid to $3500 on one of them, but didn't get it.

The last locker they shot probably won't appear on the show, because I bought it. There was good quality used furniture visible, what appeared to be auditorium speakers and quite a stack of white file folder boxes. When Dan started the bidding, I rolled a pair of 10 inch white cardboard dice on the pavement.  Box cars came up, so I shouted, "You have $1200". Dan asked, "Is that your bid?" I replied, "Yes, thats my bid". Dan tried for $1300, then $1250 and finally $1225. No one else bid.

The Treasure Chest / Cheapest unit of the day.
« on: December 31, 2012, 03:44:55 AM »
Went on a multi-city caravan the other day. Got outbid on the units I was interested in (from $900 to $4350) at the first 3 facilitys. At the last facility a 5x5 with an ugly nightstand, a tube tv, some bland looking clothes hanging up and a few indifferent looking boxes on the floor went for $5. I bought it.

There were two brand new Swiss Army watches (got $45 each), The hanging clothes were like new Steeler and Notre Dame jackets and sweats turned inside out. (got $120). Nice books about aircraft, racecars and other fast stuff (got $90) plus another $100 in other stuff. The kicker was the exactly $4.99 in change in the nightstand drawer. ;D

Not my best buy of the year, but pretty good for $5.

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