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Other Forms of Selling / My own website
« on: March 22, 2011, 10:43:41 PM »
About 5 years ago I started my own webiste (through Yahoo) and list all of the stuff I have around the house I no longer want.  Mostly craft related things, but I have branched out and started putting other things a few years ago.  When I started working full time outside of the house (I was a work at homeMom for 7 years) in August 2009, I stopped "working" the website.  When I won my first locker in February, I re-vamped the website and re-joined a number of the Yahoo groups I had belonged to.  While it is nothing compaired to E-Bay or any of the other listing services, the cost of the website is $12.95 per month.  I have a TON of web space and pages and I can update things quickly.  I sold $100 worth of fabric last week, so that pretty much paid for the fees for the next 6 months even if nothing else sells.

Granted, I have to work the Yahoo groups and figure out the "rules" of when to post what and how for each one, but it has been pretty successful.  My plan is to post things on the website for 2-3 months and if between it and taking advantage of E-Bay freebies, if it doesen't sell and I can't find a place to sell it locally in a resale shop, I will donate it to a couple of the local thrift shops (NOT Goodwill or Salvation Army) and help them make some $$$.

Now, don't y'all come back to me and make a comment of this being a self serving post...If you are interested in the website addy, PM me.

General Storage Auction Talk / Paying income tax in sales
« on: February 01, 2011, 09:33:25 PM »
I was thinking about this today as I was going over the boxes... 

1 - Do any of you report income you are making doing this as a business? If you sell on E-Bay is there any kind of report that is submitted to "big brother"?
2 - By having a resale certificate, I understand you don't have to pay taxes, but then do you charge ppl tax?  I understand selling it to a resale shop you wouldn't, and if you consign, the consignment shop pays the tax, but since taxes have already been paid on the stuff the first time around, I think it is double dipping fo Uncle Sam.

I am really wanting to do this full time, so need to understand the "rules of the game"


Stories about Storage Auctions / 2nd auction, first win and CASH!!!!
« on: February 01, 2011, 06:17:02 PM »
My first acution was on the 18th and was what I expected - almost 100 people to look at 14 lockers, the first a 5x5 going for $250; after 6 units I left as it was too rich for my blood... :-[

Today was a different story  :D only 10 people for 6 units  - first unit had a nice bed frame and a boflex like machine that was brand new...didn't sell. I would have bid the $20 they were asking but had no way to transport it...I may check with the facility tomorrow to see if I can make an offer... the next 3 were all the same owner that was a contractor (full of doors, windows and construction stuff) same person got all 3 for $275 if I'm not mistaken.  #4 was the crem-dela-crem...a 5x5 stacked high and as full as it could be.  Mostly boxes, duffle bags and a few plastic shopping bags you could not really see what was in them.  Started off at $50, no takers....$30, no takers, so I offered $15, then someone bid $20, I bid $25 and got it!!!!!!!!!!!! :o   The last locker was a 5 x 10 saw a twin bed and a few other things and I walked away.  It went for $15. I figured I would not be greedy and be happy with the locker I got!!!

I spent about 2 hours in 20ish degree temps looking through the boxes trying to see what treasures I now own... in the few things that jumped out at me, I am looking at around $150 for 4-6 items.  That does not count the big storage tub full of china/ceramic/glass bells, or the bit storage tub full of salt and pepper shakers, or the big storage tub full of tableware, or the big storage tub full of new Christmas balls and orniments....they were all behind the cardboard boxes!!!!!!! These tubs are like 36x24x18 if I have to guess.  Even if I only get $1.00 per bell and per S/P set, I'm looking at a good $200 plus the $150, then there are all of the clothes (taking to a resale shop) I realisticly think this may be close to $500 after all is said and done.... I'll keep everyone posted once I get a full inventory!!!  I did rent the locker for the month, so my total hard cost/investment at this point is right at $85 so that is almost 5x return!!!  ;D  ...Next auction is 2/10...

Oh...I almost forgot, the $185 in cash.....

well, no, $1.85 and counting!!! ;)

Welcome to the Online Storage Auctions Forum / Newbie in Texas
« on: January 15, 2011, 11:38:40 AM »
I hope to attend my first auction this next week.  I am hooked on Storage Wars and have always thougt it would be interesting to go to the auctions.  My folks owned a print shop and we had a copuple of customers that owned storage units, so were hearing about the various things that were left andthen auctioned off.

One site I am looking at shows the locker owners and a list of some of the items.  I recognize a name, thinking it is the Xhusband of a former co-worker/friend of my husbands.  We have not been in touch with the "friend " in 8-10 years.  Have any of you ever bid on a unit that you thought/knew you knew the owner? and if so, how close of friend were you?  Did you try to contact them if you found anything personal (other than what you are required to turn into the management office)?  I have mixed feelings of bidding on the unitl but if it is a good one, I don't want to pass it up.  Do they identify the owner at the time of auction?

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