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     Sorry I havent been on much lately. Been a little busy with liquidating a rather large unit i bought 2 weeks ago. I was at an auction that had 12 units up for sale. they only run 1 auction per year and generally run things very oddly. they move everything into different lockers and separate them into lots(to save space). Well, i didn't like this as most of the other 50 or so people did not.
     There was one locker that was huge, a 10x25 with a 15 foot ceiling(yes 15 feet tall). This locker was packed to the door and the only thing really visible were 4 gumball machines. The rest were boxes and some odds and ends. mainly boxes. after reading some of the wording on the boxes i somewhat incorrectly deduced that the locker was that of a silk screener or t-shirt printer. 
i estimated that(if it were boxes all the way back) that there were between 1500 and 2000 boxes. Now, when buying a business locker, there is always the   
fear that you are getting all their crappy paperwork, but i was sure there were not a 1000 boxes of paperwork. So long story short, i won the long for only SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. it took 3 26ft truckloads to get everything out. i am having it liquidated at a local auction company that i've had good success with. there were approximately 30 pallets worth of good sellable items all the way from nascar collectibles to new jackets and clothes new with tags. the guy also had a small trophy making business(same locker) that i sold separately for $2,000. after labor and storage fees i put my cost near $1000. also about 20 hours of my own time went in. Auction estimate is $15,000(my personal estimate is closer to 8k as im a essimist when it comes to these things. The items will all be in next weeks auction ending on nov 30th if you want to check it out. the site is called you can bid online but have to locally pick the items up. my items will all e under the heading "liquidation" and should begin being posted early next week. This was one of my better hits, I like to get 5 or 6 of these a year if possible, its GREAT though when you know you have it before you even look through the locker.

South East / im looking for partners/labor near nashville tn
« on: August 29, 2014, 08:07:19 PM »
     Howdy, im looking to outsource a lot of things now. The business is expanding. I'm looking for consignors, ebayers, shop owners, laborers and possibly someone to partner with. If youre around nashville tn let me know. In the meantime i'll look around here too but figured i'd post here first.

The Treasure Chest / 3 units=$10k
« on: August 17, 2014, 08:31:40 AM »
     Had a nice nice day yesterday. Went to an auction at 9am that had 9 units up. Ended up with one for $130. After that the caravan was heading to another location....but I knew of another auction the opposite direction so i went there, avoided the crowds and picked up 2 or the 3 units that were there for another $700. Long story short, the first locker had antique rings in a jewelry box and a few other odds and ends including old gold frame glasses(the type you would think of ben franklin wearing). All in all came out to about $3000 in jewelry. the 2nd unit was about average. A lot of gas lawn equipment. Probably about $2k worth. The 3rd unit was beautiful. when they opened the door there were 5 full military duffels near the front of the door and 2 very large tuff boxes. I got the unit for about $350 and everything was there. the military alone will be about $5k and the room is a 10x20 packed so there will be more stuff to sell. Also sold about $200 in furniture to another dealer while i was there out of the unit(i dont deal much with furniture). So it was a great day overall, only thing ive really gone through was the small unit with the jewelry and i pulled all the military stuff and sorted it. Still a little work to do but can't do much til the kids are back in school tomorrow. I'm excited to see everything else :)

     So I've always used the acid test to figure out if gold is real/what carat it is etc. I'd really like to go to an electronic tester and have read some reviews but was hoping people here would chime in on what they use. Also if you have a good diamond tester(i currently have a guy i trust but he's about 150 years old so won't be around forever) and silver tester i'd be interested in what you have to say. Thx.

The Treasure Chest / Thank you to all the hookers out there!
« on: August 06, 2014, 12:03:34 PM »
i bought a unit yesterday that was showing a nice sectional couch w/ ottoman plus a laptop right up front kinda hiding in a laundry basket. I payed $900 for the unit as there were also a couple nice flat screen tv stands and beds. plus lots of boxes bags and tubs. anyways long story short, this was a hooker unit(letters etc proved it to me) and this girl had some NICE STUFF. found a new all-in-one gateway computer, gucci boots(unworn in box) and about another $1000 in shoes(spike heels etc) most unopened in box. also in back was a brand new whirlpool washer and dryer set and a ton of other things that im probably forgetting. so $1000 for shoes, $1000 for washer/dryer/computer/couch about $300 for gucci boots and at LEAST $1300 in smalls makes for quadrupling the price of the unit. was about $100 in gas and etc expenses. best part is i already have buys for the couch and washer/dryer. now i gotta clear this out, i have another nice one to hit on saturday

found a pretty cool little book in a unit a paid $100 for(also sold the bed for $60 and a hendrix poster for $10 plus plenty left to go). ill see if i can post a picture here, it seems pretty rare.

couldnt post a pic, heres teh ebay link if you wanna see what it looks like

     I heard about these about a month ago. I don't know if this is localized to me or if its nationwide but heres how it works. All of the units are meticulously videotaped(about 100 in this case within a 50 mile radius) and all the buyers are all gathered in a room or auctionhouse with a big screen tv. I saw a caravan auction listed last month and tried to attend thinking it was a regular caravan, instead i found out i had to travel 45 minutes away to bid. unfortunately i wouldnt have made it in time. Well I know when and where to go this time lol, so i'll let you know how it goes. I'm in buying mode and there are i think 95 units up for grabs. most i've bought at once is 4 i think.

The Treasure Chest / my storage auction finds this week 6/6
« on: June 06, 2014, 10:30:18 PM »
     Well, i really went at it today. There was an auction about an hour away with 5 units out in the boonies and everyone and their mother showed up. Problem is, no one brought any money. i picked up 3 units for $171 total. I just took the van out there because I didnt think i was actually gonna buy more than half the units so i'll go back tomorrow for most of the stuff. So far though I found 4 antique oil lamps. A book of old collectible stamps i need to check out. paint ball equipment, a couple bicycles, some baseball cards that look promising and random other stuff and i havent even broken through the surface yet. It was a great day. I'll update this post throughout the week.

The Treasure Chest / my storage auction finds this week 6/2/2014
« on: June 02, 2014, 07:51:17 PM »
     spend $450 total on 2 units. looks like itll be about $2400 gross after everything is sold. Nothing spectacular but there was a nice load of military gear, GI joe comics from the 80's. a ton of good sports cards and none sports cards, and a dagger/sword collection. i tried to add pictures but they're too big. I'll post again here next week when i get some more units. im only buying 2 or 3 a week right now until i can expand the store.

     Howdy, I've been doing this for years(but in Florida). I have quite a few contacts here in TN but am looking for more. If anyone here is near Clarksville(about 40 miles west of Nashville) let me know what you are interested in. My main focus right now are $1-$20 items that i have in BULK. I would not be interested in piecing these out but selling them in bulk at a huge discount(say 1000 items for $100-$200 depending on the mix). let me know if anyone is interested thx.-----ben

Welcome to the Online Storage Auctions Forum / Hello from Tennessee
« on: May 30, 2014, 03:44:36 PM »
Been buying storage units for years, down in Florida. Now I'm in Tennessee kinda starting over. Got a shop and about 50 units under my belt so far this year. Should ramp up a little more now.

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