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The WOW factor hahaha most of the time when I end up being a lookie loo its because I said to myself WOW what a bunch of nutts with more money then brains.... ;D

The Land of Ah's could be a good one to thats generaly all you hear from them is Ooh's and Ah's....

What's it Worth?? / Re: Fine art~just how do you move it?
« on: November 26, 2011, 10:45:26 PM »
" I feel kinda like Daryl "

and his comic books.... are you selling the painting for the frame or the pic? seems fishy to me its worth that much only in one state.
Also that it would be only worth the most in that states capitol. When the art that the capitol boast is centered to the north in the pueblo.

 If its a true piece of art it's value is what it is. not so much based on the town its in. If that were the case then please check big money overpriced the peoples republic of Cal. It should be worth 30k there in an L.A. gallery.

I understand the market and its customer base but the fact that it only holds value in one place is False if it is a true piece of value. seems to me the value lies in those who want to sell you a high priced frame only to let your million dollar paint by number set unsold intill you pick it up. if you are getting my drift.
and yes my grandmas's stuff is worth millions to me. and if you have it your are lucky. cause I wont talk bad about Family like that.
yea your in for a ride Enjoy intill you get an expert onboard your sure to come home with your pants on backwards. There are many upscale magazines that deal in this that would be my advise as to the best place to start and e-mail would only be to send a pic after a phone call.

There is a reason florida has 90% of the people that show up on criminal minds. N.M. well your about to get a lesson on it.

The Treasure Chest / Re: Treasure story
« on: November 11, 2011, 11:41:17 AM »
 Ok so the guy was loading the stuff to take to the dump without even looking through it? (B.S.) when he heard a jingle. and coins dont jingle in anything but glass..WTH kind of retard buys a locker then trash's it all without looking through the box's or even totes guess is If your dumb enough to buy this story your dumb enough to buy 8 lockers and take them to the dump without looking at what you bought...

Real good business practices for this biz.

 Liability's come to mind say john doe claims he fell and messed his hip up on a pothole at your storage facility.
you look at the sign in sheet what there's no john doe listed. Good luck with your law suit John.

 Come to find out john hurt his hip when he fell off the porch last night drunk when he came home from drinking, and never got out of the car at the auction.

I'm sure there's lots more reasons to have everyone sign in.

New to Storage Auctions? / Re: How Do I Find Schedules for Auctions??
« on: September 19, 2011, 09:36:32 PM »

is one way. Read the site it holds lots of info try useing search....

The Treasure Chest / Re: Bought six lockers last week and found
« on: September 19, 2011, 09:23:52 PM »
 Years back I used to laugh there was this old man that won a miners hat in a locker and he wore it to the auctions and would flip the light on LOL... we allways asked if it was gold or coal he was looking for hahaha he carried a womans purse and one day he filled it with gold painted rocks to show us the gold he had found due to his light.. LMAO.. old guy is probably in an old folks vacation home somewhere now with a bad back....

congrats on your find...

New to Storage Auctions? / Re: How far are you willing to drive to auctions?
« on: September 19, 2011, 06:36:34 PM »
 I'll do 150 miles or 300 round trip if theres enough action on the other end or along the way. However my dump is free so I dont have that expense so I figure it helps ofset the fuel bill..

Kewl "Habu Sake" LOL just youtube it LOL...

the snakes are poisonous. next time someone brags about drinking the worm in tequila tell them you got one they wont drink LOL....

There are drinks also from okanawa etc that have snakes as well.. good conversation piece but basically its worthless to you lol...

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Stupid people piss me off
« on: September 03, 2011, 11:25:58 AM »
I'd of done the guy buying them matresses like I do folks here. I'd of asked for his number, and said I can sell you old matress's at $200 ea. all day long and save you the time of coming out... Same for tarps LOL...

 Looks like what we need in south part of NM as its a pain to drive 180 miles round trip and wind up empty. some caravans do 300 miles in one day round trip. and the auctioneer is an employee of the LKR co. its crazy she scatters the lkrs out so 5 may be listed but they will do 1 at this place then she say ok were doing 2 next  week then if you make that auction it's 1 more next week. and the last locker gets listed again next month and go's for sale finaly.
 Then goto the next place or town same drill. So if you dont watch the website for auction dates and towns if you miss one your out cold. its just us regulars that showed up the week before, however its still nutts and you end up going home empty.  the gal may sell 3 lockers for a total of $150 and spend 10 hours doing it and 300 miles later they didnt make a dime they should have just opened the doors and let em go.

not to mention any " u store it " names.  I bet they would be all over it...LOL...

It gets just as crazy going AZ direction all they way to Tucson..

in fact AZ auctioneers end up all the way to elpaso TX.. LOL now thats a ride doing nationals storage. all the way down I-10 jog up to this town down to that one back up and across LOL.. its just insanity..

a site like this would make life much easyer here all around...

" IT "?  LMAO he is stuck with em all. who cares ? face it if a pro cant move them then you think you can?
Humm seems this has hit a sore nerve are you stuck with junk to Moon? HAHAHAHAHA.....

 Seems  old Dave has started his own auction house to get read of the crap he buys at the storage facilities because the mogal pro can't sell it at his store LOL.. here's just another example of the show's B.S.
Anyone remember them facy disco club lights he bought and claimed 30k he would make off them HAHAHA well watch this video. starting at 136 LOL yep and look over dans shoulder theres yet another one of them musical lights HAHAHAHA so with this I say B.S. hahahaha you see he's so good he himself has to auction them off because no one wants them he probably took a good loss on them to bad the video doesnt show what they brought. but they didnt sell online HAHAHAHA... YEEEEPPPP B.S. look again around 424 the lights are on they are trying to draw attention to them HAHAHA there boat anchors and they are having a hard time moving them LMAO.. here's the video proof..


Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Heres one for the books
« on: August 06, 2011, 06:25:20 PM »
 Well the guy was there alone he really didnt want to talk about it. Finaly after a bit he said 90% was in the land fill and his wife was trying to get $100 for what was left...     OUCH!!!! a $435 hair cut.. I told him well I thought you two were into furnature restoration or something the way they bid it. He just shook his head and muttered something about I wish we were that good as he walked off, he wasn't bidding anything but 5x5 $50 lockers HAHAHAHAHA......
 I didn't mention or ask about the auctioneer getting an extra $85 off them..

 The swap meet lady was keeping him out of the game she never let him win one of the two 5X5's even the one that was full of trash and maybe a managers special she snaged it up. I told her she should of give him round two, so we wouldn't have to deal with em again LOL.. She just laughed and said well at the rate and with the practices they been buying with lately it's only a matter of time they will do it themselfs.

I didnt even make one bid but was tempted to jump the price once or twice. was a owner auctioneer so not to spiffy with as far as having alot of auctions under his belt.

so there you have it HAHAHAHAHAHAHA............

Once you have there number its time for a cell phone aplication called " bluff my call " with it you can change your phone number to any you wish to show up on there caller I.D. like 911 then you can change your voice to the other sex with it and return there call.  And let them play bluff my call when 911 calls and questions them im sure the calls would stop LMAO expecialy when you ask what they have been telling the teenaged child they been talking to at your number and let them know there calls will be monitored for any future calls made to your number.. BWAHAHAHAHA... Oh the fun to be had with these folks...

Yea My hick town has never been the same since I got it.

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Heres one for the books
« on: August 04, 2011, 08:35:59 PM »
Yep I thought it was funny though how that dumb auctioneer lady jumped him up $35 like a pro after taking $50 off the wall on him. to seal the deal at probably the amount owed. she was so fast about it that was the first clue when all of a sudden the bidding speed changed that caught my attention right away which is why I turned back around to see it unfold. both the guy and his wife asked everyone How Much it was they won it for they didnt even have a clue how much they were bidding LOL... I guess she was better than she was letting on, and took the noob or comfortable vet for a ride at his expense.
 I will say I have seen this couple at over 20 auctions in the past 2 years. I dont get it though with two of them there that it happened to them without one yelling B.S. but when you have no clue from the first day you start doing it and have been doing it long enough you feel comfortable you learn your never to good to get burned. However I doubt they even realize what happened to them.

This auctioneer lady has been doing this for over ten years my guess is she was just waiting to get her hooks in a noobie in the crowd and this guy was thrown to her LOL. Plus when I jumped the bid 3x  it helped to convince them the junk was as good as gold and that I was trying to push them out LOL I bet there not at this saturdays auction they were allready complaining about high prices and not knowing what was in the lockers HAHAHAHA I guess they found out, and the high price was a bit there own fault.

As my old dad would say "That feller has more dollars then cents, the fool and his money will soon part" I'd allways ask well if he's that dumb what makes you think he has any money left ?  lol

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