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Potentially.  The guys by me that are talking about it are all of the older guys who don't want to use the computer.  These guys also don't spend much at the live auctions so I don't think it will impact the numbers too much by me.

I think they are going to try this model across the board for a year and then revisit. 

I haven't won an online one in over a year due to the pricing so I'm staying local and just spending more on the right room

Extra Space's 1100+ facilities throughout the country will be switching to Storagetreasures starting July 1st.

They did it in several locations throughout the last year and just got final approval two weeks ago.  All managers are reporting in for training within the next 2 weeks.

With ridiculous prices on this site and inability to look at the goods many of the regulars in my neck are calling it quits.

Public Storage, mom and pops are the only ones left by me.

That puts us at Storage Wars being the last guy standing

Storage Hunters - confirmed
Container Wars - Not picked up for additional season after 2/2014 / not formally cancelled
Auction Hunters - confirmed
Storage Wars NY - confirmed
Storage Wars Texas - confirmed

Auctions Hunters is officially canceled!  :34: Didn't see that coming.

Will you miss the show?

my day job deals with negotiating but no buying or selling. 

I just started an estate sale company which hopefully becomes my primary

Triple your money =
33% - what you paid for the unit
33% - your overhead - moving trucks, labor, storage ..etc.
34% - your profit

What usually happens is that you take that profit plus your initial 33% and buy a more expensive room.  It becomes a slippery slope.

Instead of thinking about vacations set your sites on maybe a nice lunch and two fers at chilis.

Are you flying me to Germany?

Also do they have storage facilities in germany and what kind of market is there.  Give me a little more on it please

Purchased a commercial mystery locker for $800.

It was an supplier and had just about 20,000 museum quality lithographs.  They are small, medium and large.

Small retail is $40
Medium retail is $100
Large retail is $200

All in all it comes out to retail at around $1.2M

Ebay prices puts the small at $5, medium at $20 and large at $40.

Those prices add up to around $350k

It will probably take around 10 years to sell them all but this is the retirement locker.

Barry chose to go off.  He was offered the $60k an episode to stay and said no.  They still wanted him around which is why they gave him Barry Treasure however I think that was a one off.
The creator/narrator is Barry's best friend.  This is why he was given the spot in the first place.

There is a ratings spike when he is on.  He's not on every episode so if it costs them a total of $60k for 8 episodes, rather than 1 episode its worth it.

Again I think next season they are going to do some revamping.  I'd get rid of the entire cast and start over with all new people.  Pay them the $3k each an episode lower costs to bare bones and remain profitable.

Jarrod and brandi are great and all but they aren't pulling the show, darrell is a monkey man puppet and ivy and rene are what they are.

New blood, new finds.

Darrel - $30k
his son - $5k
Jarrod Brandy - $30k combined
Laura Dan - unknown.  They get a bunch of different things such as concept creator, producer ..etc.  I'd probably put them at $75k an episode and their new contract states that they are in every one.  Not bad for a 22-26 episode season

Probably not ..

Mary is making a whopping $3k an episode.  I think Dave is only at $7k .. he used to be $60k.

You can tell who makes the least based on how many episodes they're in. 

I think Mary and Ivy are the lowest.

They can replace the entire cast twice if they get rid of darrell.  they can play with that and hope for a new breakout star to revitalize the franchise.

Its almost certain they bring someone in next season.

Also their "finds" that need to be checked out .. because google doesn't exist ... are getting worse and worse.

A fish tree, a candle maker ..etc.  the first was garbage and the second can be bought at a garage sale no fun.

Season 7 ...

Looks probable its coming back.  They are cutting costs by bringing in newer and cheaper people and AE is going to ride it until the end.

Here is a local public notice utilizing storagebattles:

Legal Notice # 21059948 NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE: Self-storage Cube contents will be sold for cash by CubeSmart to satisfy a lien for rental on March, 12 2015 at approx. 9AM at

My issue is that it doesnt state names, how many units, unit numbers ..etc.

In regards to payment it says it will sell for cash, which it does when the winner pays for the room.  I don't believe the use of a third party service that requires a credit card violates state law.

Correction. The link has been reactivated however stripped down of everything but episode description

It appears some people have to eat some humble pie and acknowledge that my "inside scoops" were right the entire time and that the shows were officially cancelled, at least in the way that we knew them.

Storage Wars NY and Texas have been officially moved from "Current" to "Classics", with NY being a dead link

The end is upon us.   

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