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Stories about Storage Auctions / No need to buy..........
« on: May 21, 2011, 07:26:04 PM »
In the storage auction business I have had alot of ironic episodes. For instance, when I first started out, I bought 3 locks. All took the same key, however these are long handled locks, so they dont fit every unit. I knew I needed to buy more, however my first locker I bought, guess what, I got 5 brand new locks with keys, these fit the lockers which I needed for my 3rd locker.

Second time, I needed to wash my truck, damn near filthy as hell. Anyway after I bought it, two days later I bought my second locker, and lookey lookey, the exact same spray nozzle I just bought to wash my truck I find in the unit still packaged, so I got my money back on that item. Also with the second unit I needed straps, lots of furniture. And what do we have here, straps, alot of straps in my second locker.

3rd time, my microwave just went out, and the 5th locker I bought I got me a brand new microwave, still in the box.

4th time this happened, was the locker I just bought, my 10th locker. I hurt my wrist by doing something really stupid, sprang it real bad. But guess what, there was a wrist stabelizer splint in this locker.

Just goes to show you, for the most part you dont need to buy things while in this business. Chances are you will find it in a locker.

Stories about Storage Auctions / Got one today
« on: May 19, 2011, 09:15:03 PM »
10x10, might of paid a lil much for it. I know I got my money back, just not sure on how much profit yet. Paid $400 for it. Desk that I got to refinish, 1950's style payphone, dual tank compressor, 1968 MLB Magnetic Game lunchbox, Razor electric bike(needs some work), about $100 in clown figurines, gamecube, & 4 vintage japanese paintings in glass frame. Those are the big ticket items I got. Oh also sprang the hell out of my wrist trying to pull up a small footlocker full of stuff. Should not have did that with one hand. lol. Oh also forgot I got a 1947 Webster's New International Dictionary Of The English Language.

Will be uploading pix later.

Other Forms of Selling / Bringing customers to my storage unit
« on: May 10, 2011, 02:45:38 PM »
Has paid off well. I brought one customer to my storage unit with the original intentions of making a $20 exchange, end up making $30. And then again today, had a customer meet me at my storage facility with the intention of selling one piece for $10. End up buying alot more. Mostly small stuff. But it ended up being $50 worth of merchandise. Most of it which I was having a hard time moving anyway.

Other Forms of Selling / Always looking ......
« on: May 09, 2011, 01:24:20 PM »
I am always looking for some way to sell the stuff I get. I look even harder for the stuff that becomes a pain to move or is near impossible to move. For example. I have been sitting on Silver Plated hallo ware and flatware for damn near a long long long time. Couldnt find anyone to buy it. I finally came across a vendor who will buy it from me. No doubt he is most likely making at leastr 50% - 100% profit from me, but the way I look at it, I finally got rid of it all. And will have a sales channel to get rid of more when I come across it. Roughly about 45 pieces of flatware and 5 pieces of hallo ware. All finally sold for $25. Originally posted for $30, guy offered me $20 I haggled him up to $25. So I am now happy about finally moving that.

Way more money than what my melt guy would of paid, and these pieces were in horrible condition, lots of the silver plating was coming off. So I am happy with the sale, especially since it is getting to be a harder market to sell silver plate. Everyone wants sterling or fine.

Moral of the story is to always look for a way to get rid of things for a profit. Everything has some kind of value, EVERYTHING!!! Even when you find a channel to get rid of things, keep looking, you can sometimes find even better deals.

Flea Markets / That was really a long day..............
« on: May 07, 2011, 06:55:38 PM »
This topic does not really fit in either Flea Market or Yard sales. But I feel it is more closer to Flea Market.

Anyway, went to that rummage sale today. From 6:30 till 2:00. Selling from 8am - 1pm (wish they would of let us stay longer). Paid $20 for two spots. I made my money back on that plus a profit of $60. Lol, I got more traffic at my house on my first two yard sales than I did at the rummage sale today. However most of the traffic today was looky-loos. Did not buy from anyone. Alot of us that made money made it off each other. Vendors buying from Vendors. Hell I even bought from some vendors, my daughter wanted a kite and some designer thing, which I got both for $4.00. But I also bought 5 Books for $5.50 to resell. As well as bought 8 DVDs for $10.00 again for resell.

So it was a long long long drawn out day, not making much money. Two of my buddies were there so it past the time by, and we are all going to setup shop in a vacant lot next Saturday that gets a hell of a lot of traffic.

General Storage Auction Talk / Quick question
« on: May 05, 2011, 11:15:09 PM »
Currently I have been using a different house to store all my stuff. Just today me and my in-laws had it out over their dogs that I been keeping in my yard for them. Needless to say I through those dogs out. However my stuff (which is well over $1000 in inventory) is inside this house. They wont let me get my stuff out now. However to add to this, I have their car in my back yard as well. If I dont get my stuff back I am planning on seeing if I cant get the car sold and re-cooperate my lost inventory. They dont pay me for storage cost, just like I dont pay them storage cost. So legally can I do this?

General Storage Auction Talk / Why I dont like Online Auctions
« on: May 05, 2011, 07:34:53 PM »
People do not do their homework before they bid, even if it is in their convience. Right now 1 Gram of 24Karat gold's market value is a little over $45. However these people have already bidded on it making it over $100.]

New to Storage Auctions? / PODS
« on: May 04, 2011, 02:19:41 PM »
Finally going to one later this month. I have never been to one. Do I need a lock for these?

General Storage Auction Talk / Small Town Facilities
« on: May 04, 2011, 01:29:56 PM »
Ok, I have not been much of anything this week because of my son being sick. But looks like I will be going out to a facility this Friday. It is in a small town that is 45 mins out of San Antonio. Sad thing is they only have 2 units up, as it stands right now, so I will be calling them late Thursday as well as while I am on my out there.

But I wanted to know what is yalls opinion on going to a small town storage auction. I am betting that there will be less competition, especially since they only advertise in their local paper. However I am not 100% sure. What do you all think?

General Storage Auction Talk / Jewerly
« on: May 02, 2011, 04:04:24 PM »
I am wondering on this topic. This is what I generally do. All silver, gold, and platinum I scrap out for its melt value unless it is Tiffany, a Vintage or Antique Heirloom piece, or James Avery.

Curious on what every one else does.

Garage Sales / My neighborhood sucks
« on: April 30, 2011, 12:24:15 PM »
Grrrrrr. The first two weekends I had plenty of traffic, making a few hundred a day. But lately, I am not getting any traffic, maybe 2 or 3 people. Been like this for the past 3 weeks now. I done more advertising this time around, signs everywhere in my neighborhood on busy intersections, stores, online classifieds (several different ones). It seems I have even less people for all that work. Had 3 people come by and look, no one has bought a single thing.

I need more traffic, so I guess, next weekend I am setting up at a local rummage sale. After that I am going to take a plunge into the Flea Markets. At least I will be getting more traffic. More traffic means more lookers, more buyers, more cash. Whew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if it seems as if I am venting.  ???

Craigslist / Lately I have seen this on CL, what is yalls take........
« on: April 27, 2011, 09:05:57 PM »
This is copied directly from a CL post:

Date: 2011-04-17, 5:46PM CDT
Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]
If you are about to lose your storage unit, Donít Iíll pay you for it. Iíll bring it up to date and allow you to make some money on your items. Call me for more information xxx-xxx-xxxx

I have "X" ed out the personal info stuff.

Anyone else besides me have a problem with this, what is yalls take on this approach?

What's it Worth?? / Have a Glass bottle
« on: April 27, 2011, 10:43:30 AM »
I cant seem to find any information on this piece. It is a green bottle with a plastic cap that works like a cork. It can not stand on its own, has to be laying down. It's base is wrapped with leather, although the leather is decaying. The only markings I am seeing is on the leather itself, it is three shields. The first shield is yellow with 6 dots, next shield is red with a flor de li, and the next is a white shield with a lion standing up.

Any ideas on its age, where it is made, and the value of this piece?

General Storage Auction Talk / Scrap Jewerly Calculator
« on: April 26, 2011, 04:28:17 PM »
Best one I have seen yet,

For gold and silver coins, silver, gold, platnium and more. Enjoy

General Storage Auction Talk / Regarding the legalties..............
« on: April 26, 2011, 02:10:53 PM »
Ok, here is the scenerio, I dont have any licenses or permits what so ever, so I cant do Flea Markets yet. My neighborhood is not a good location for traffic on yard sales. CL is slowing down, Ebay I refuse to use anymore as a buyer and as a seller.

So my question is, do I need a sales permit to rent parking lot or sidewalk space in San Antonio, TX and resale my stuff there. I have over $1,000 worth of stuff in my inventory right now. As well as my on hand cash is starting to run low.

Good thing is this weekend I am setting up in a rummage sale. :)

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