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The "Other" Job / Call me the man of many hustles :)
« on: April 26, 2011, 02:07:06 PM »
I do resales pretty much FT, but I also contract myself out as a handyman, especially with Trim Carpenter stuff like cabinets and doors. But also do decks and lawns. Here soon I am going to start hauling trash.

I am somewhat new to the Storage Auction Biz. I tried it out before a few years ago, but was just a mere treasure hunter. Both in Houston and Denver.

Just got back into it a few months ago, but now as a business, well at least working on it to become a business. Currently doing yard sales and rummage sales, as well as listing online. Which I have been doing that for the past year. Was getting my items from other garage sales, CL Free items, dumpster diving, and estate sales. But figured I could get more inventory for cheaper prices, which has been paying off well.

Hopefully soon will get all my business licenses and permits, and go get a booth at a flea market. And maybe open an online store. But we shall see on the online store.

Anyways, Hi :)

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