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General Storage Auction Talk / This Guys Reality.......
« on: February 20, 2012, 12:47:37 PM »
Is he's got too much crap and hasn't gotten rid of it!  LMAO!  This is a current ad I just pulled of CL a couple of minutes ago:

3 storage units in my garage - $1000 (monroe)

Date: 2012-02-20, 9:18AM PST
Reply to: [email protected] [Errors when replying to ads?]

i bought 3 storage units,,my garage is full,,theres no junk at all and money to be made,,u will need a truck,for theresa few loads everything is in boxes,,too much stuff to list,,my garage is 28x48 and one side is full,,all the stuff is nice,,n worth the time n money,,1000.00 firm on my price,,ideal for second hand store,,or garage sale n swap meet,,i race n my rig is buried n race seasons startin up,,i need my rig n garage back,,,425-422-

I got a really special locker last week!  I have been doing this for a lot of years, but I got more porn and really disgusting things out of this one locker than any other locker I've ever had!  I won't be posting any pics, but there were a lot of "toys" in this unit, all shapes and sizes, and some even had two "heads"!  LOL!  There were costumes (I think I like the police woman costume the best!), wigs, and some "special" beads, that I definitely did not touch with my bare hands!  But, I think the most exciting part was the large stack of pictures of this really beautiful woman.....well kind of.......she was pretty good looking and had some very nice breasts, but down below, there was something missing......uh, well, more like there was something there that did not belong!  We did have a lot of fun cleaning out that locker, but I will be lucky to break even!

The Treasure Chest / Picked up two lockers today!
« on: June 22, 2011, 11:15:24 PM »
So I got two lockers today at a smaller facility North of Seattle.  Not cheap, with everything included, I paid $1045 for the two units.

So far, I have found a Bulova 14k gold watch, and another watch that has a 10k bezel.  I also have a pretty nice roll top desk with all kinds of drawers and storage compartments......way nice than most I get.  I got a really cool leather chair with the brass tacks all the way around.  It looks like a normal chair, but it's actually a recliner!  No rips or tears, and actually in very good condition.  

I got a nice, very old, round table with big massive base.  The auctioneer I take some of my stuff to thought it should go for $300-$500 at the auction house, so I may go that route with it.  There is also a writing desk in one of them that the people really went out of their way to cover up.  I pulled off part of the covering, and what I saw looks really nice, so hopefully it will be good.  

The one lady was also the QVC Queen.........there are tubs full of brand new QVC boxes!  I'm skeptical about that stuff.  I suppose it has some dollar value and will probably make good garage sale/swap meet stuff, but I doubt if it's worth a whole lot.  

I've also found some jewelry, but other than the two watches, I haven't found anything else that is gold or silver.   I still have a lot to go through.  I got one unit emptied and rented the other one for two weeks so I can have some time to go through it.  I have auctions the rest of this week, so needed to buy myself a little time.  

I'll post some pictures up when I get around to unloading the trailer and go through some more of it.

The Treasure Chest / FINALLY! Got a Very Profitable Unit Today!
« on: April 26, 2011, 09:33:02 PM »
It's been slow going the last couple of months.  Only been getting a few mediocre units here and there, but nothing of any real note........until today!

I bought two lockers at a silent bid auction.  First unit, I'm not even sure what I got yet.  I know it has some clothes, small kitchen appliances, leather couch and chair, and some cd's and dvd's.  Only gave $100 for it, so I'm sure I'll do fine.  I'll get around to checking it out in a day or two.

But, the other one.......Wooo Hoooo!  I got a 1962 Chevy Truck (with all the paperwork for a clear title!) that has a new (rebuilt I'm sure) hot rodded motor.  This thing has been in the facility for 10 years!  Anyway, the motor has a brand new Edelbrock Performer carb on an Edelbrock manifold, and all kinds of new parts.  It's in the truck but everything hasn't even been hooked up yet.  I am still undecided on whether to pull the motor and sell separately or sell as a package.  Truck also has new tires and there are boxes and boxes of new parts for it.

And, that's not all!  Like I said, the previous owner has had this locker at this facility for at least the past 10 years, and he set up some shelving and storage in the rafters.  There is a 12' Sea Nymph aluminum boat, and a Honda outboard motor!  Up there with the boat was about 7 fishing poles, a Scotty downrigger, and a nice set of oars.

That's the big stuff, and I'm pretty happy with just that.  Here is a partial list of some of the other stuff in this units:

Welding Torch set up, with bottles and gauges
Sears Craftsman Air Compressor
Brand new Engine Hoist and Engine Stand
Propane Tanks (new and shiny with propane!)
Big Roll a Way tool box, chock full of various engine building tools
Very large pop rivet gun, used for pop riveting subframes and other stuff
Lot's of air tools (grinder, impact gun, nibbler, cut off tool, etc)
cb radios and antennas
chain hoist
tackle boxes full of tackle
3 lanterns.......two really old
four old Lionel train cars
double element propane heater that attaches to top of propane tank
some ammunition (no gun yet, dang it!)
A whole bunch of gun cleaning equipment
three cool knives
250 amp Dayton Welder
microwave and two tvs

Anyway, there is some other stuff way up high that I can't reach until I get the truck out of the way and get some other stuff moved.  While I was in the office paying, the customer called and they were asking for a couple of very specific things back, so I am assuming that those are hidden up top.   There is some interesting suitcases and boxes that are way up in the rafters stuffed clear to the back with other stuff piled in front of them, so maybe I'll get lucky and there will be something really good in there too! 

Here's a picture of the engine.  I was so pumped I got a picture of it and dove into the unit, so don't have any other pics right now.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Garage Sales / First Garage Sale of the Season!
« on: April 08, 2011, 10:05:02 PM »
We had a nice day forecast for today, so I decided to have the first garage sale of the season.  I started getting ready for it earlier in the week.  I set it up in my shop, and I let a couple of fellow auction buyers come over and set some of their stuff up too.  I put an ad in the newspaper that will/did run Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and picked up a few more garage sale signs from Lowe's.  Also ran a large ad on CL last night.

This morning, we got there early and put a lot of larger stuff outside and had the rest of the shop set up really well.  We put out about 7 garage sale signs (only had one stolen by the end of the day!) and the people were rolling in all day.

So, at the end of the first day, we did a little over $1800 between all of us.  We still have tomorrow to go, but we probably won't do it on Sunday.  So far, so good!

Stories about Storage Auctions / Got a cheap locker today!
« on: March 31, 2011, 01:34:30 AM »
This never happens!  After yesterdays fiasco where I couldn't even get a unit for $1600, it was nice to go to a facility that had fewer bidders and decent prices.  I got a unit on a silent bid at a smaller facility for $50.  It had a nice Sealy Posturepedic King Size Mattress in it (I know a lot of you guys don't like them, but it's money in the bank!), a small sofa, a very nice 12 drawer light oak dresser (not particle board), some pots and pans and small kitchen appliances, a leather chair, some jumper cables and a few tools (haven't looked in the boxes much yet, just saw those laying on top) and some other misc. stuff.  Not going to be a home run (unless I find some Rhino horn in one of the bags!) but I'll make an easy few hundred.  Took 10 minutes to load it up, everything small was in a box or a bag and easy to move. 

In other events, I picked up around 30 tables, split between round and square (used in a food court type setting), over 100 various chairs, six office desks, including a nice executive HON with a return, HON lateral filing cabinet, six steel cabinets, a really cool WA Husky/Miller Light beer sign (about 7' wide!), five wood and glass display cases with locking glass doors above and storage underneath (about 7' tall), a couple of other cases, two magazine racks with lights, and some other misc. cabinets and some small appliances and other stuff.  Got all this from a store that was closing down.  Picked EVERYTHING up for $300!  Who needs storage units?  LOL!

What's it Worth?? / 40-50 Unopened Beer Cans!
« on: March 17, 2011, 12:24:09 AM »
I didn't get any pictures, but I have two boxes full of old beer cans (all of them still full).  This came out of a unit I got a couple of weeks ago, and I just set them in my office and forgot about them until today and started looking at them.  I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow.  Just wondering if any of those older cans are worth anything?  Some of them are tin cans and a lot of them have the old pull tabs.  They have some interesting names, and there are some from one of the Kentucky Derbies from the 80's.  I'll get some more info up tomorrow. 

You'll laugh and wince at the same time!


eBay / Nice little article on eBay.
« on: March 02, 2011, 09:51:53 AM »
This was online today, nice little piece on eBay.  Doesn't really say anything that any frequent eBayer didn't already know.

West / Another Auction, Another Entertaining Event!
« on: February 20, 2011, 12:56:53 AM »
I'll be brief.  Auction today.  125 people in attendance.  Three lockers for sale!  Fun was had by all!

Here's an article that was in today's "Seattle Times" about the porta box auction held the other night.

West / The Insanity Continues........
« on: February 17, 2011, 10:29:54 PM »
Went to what would normally be a small quiet auction today and it was everything but.  Nothing new, way too many people showing up for way too few units.  Most of the units were pretty lame and sold for way too much.  The couple that were minimally acceptable went for way too much. 

I bid on a 50-75 unit, and I ran the "winner" up to 350 and dropped it.  The regulars were shaking their heads.  Even the auctioneer was shaking his head (and counting his money!)

I also bid on the other unit, a solid 200 locker if I've ever seen one.  I went to 300, and the bidding stalled out and I was actually afraid I was going to get stuck with it.  But, my fear was for naught when two noobies got caught up in the moment, and it went to 675!  Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups!

West / Stupid in Seattle!
« on: February 16, 2011, 09:19:27 PM »
So tonight at 5:00 PM was a Pod style auction.  These were containers from a moving company, small boxes full of household goods that for whatever reason, the owners did not pay the bill and they are getting auctioned off (just like the storage lockers).  Well, this company decided to spam their auction all over craigslist.  Here is the body of the ad they were running:

You've seen it on cable TV's "Storage Wars" and "Auction Hunters". Now see it live in Seattle. Abandoned Storage Auction: Hansen Bros./PortaBox is auctioning off approximately 20 units of abandoned/delinquent storage. Each vault can contain up to 2000 lbs of storage. Customers usually store general household items including furniture, clothing, tools, collectibles and kitchen items. Lots of unusual items. We'll cut the locks off and open the doors before bidding begins on each vault. Entire contents (excluding pads) of the vault of storage are auctioned off for one price. Arrangements can be made for delivery of the container.

Sounds pretty good, huh?  BS!  Over 100 treasure hunters showed up, as well as one of the local TV stations and local newspaper.  1800-2200 prices for multiple units that happened to belong to the same person.  Stupid and a waste of time.  There was pushing and shoving and a bunch of idiot's wanting to be on tv.  What a bunch of crap!  Oh well, tomorrow is another day. 

to somebody and it doesn't work?  Such as, you buy a unit and it has a TV in it, and you sell it but then it ends up not working.  Or, you get a washer and dryer and don't get a chance to test it out, and once you've sold it, the dryer ends up being broken.  I know what I do, I'm just wanting to hear some of your experiences and comments.  I try to test everything before, but sometimes I get it sold before I actually had a chance to check it out. 

Other Forms of Selling / Dropped Some Stuff Off at the Auction House Today.
« on: February 09, 2011, 10:23:05 PM »
I took a couple of things up to a local auction house today.  I had a few things that I figured I would take a gamble on and hope they sell for a decent amount of money.

Anyway, while I'm there, a lady calls the auction guy and she had some "art" that she thought was worth some big bucks.  Wanted to know if she could bring it in and run it through his auction, and then if it didn't sell for enough, she would just take it back! 

I'm thinking there is a chance that somebody doesn't quite have a clue about how an auction works!   ???

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