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Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Lookey Loos Part 4....April, 2011
« on: March 29, 2011, 07:11:56 PM »
Thats good to hear. I have been laying low last month waiting on things to get better.
going to wholesale auctions to keep something to sell.
 Doing OK but not near as much fun.
Last unit I got was 2 weeks ago.  2 push mowers showing. 8 boxes. 4 medium uhaul- 4 plain a little bigger. 
few pieces of well worn wood furniture, small bookcase, end table and 4 chairs. I also got glimpse of chainsaw blade and end of what looked like a carved bone sword handle.
Got it for 210 and walked away grinning.
 Went back next day to move unit. Grin soon turn to frown. bone handle sword is plastic bone.($15 at best) off brand 14" chainsaw.
I'll make money on this unit.
 But the boxes were where I thought profit would come from. 2 bigger boxes old clothes. 1 box of towels(rags). 1 box somebody cleaned out their desk. $10 maybe. 4 uhaul medium boxes of paper. Files. High school teacher with old student papers.   
I love doing this.

Other Forms of Selling / Re: Cell phones
« on: March 29, 2011, 10:15:15 AM »
great site. Too bad the 3 cell phones I have are worthless.

I've never been approached by former owners.  If I had, I would have no problem handing over any documents, personal photos, or anything else that I wouldn't be able to sell.  I think where it would be an issue is if they wanted me to just give them any 'sentimental items' that actually had resale value.

I agree. But I have a box labeled personnel for each unit and put any photos, home videos or documents in it and return it to facility manager.

We had same thing at two locations in Covington, ga. Owner bidding on units. There were over 200 units between between the 2 locations. They were selling 30 units a day every Wed and Fri. So everybody just put up with at first. He could buy them all. At the 4th sale we began to notice that a newbie had been buying a lot of units. 1500 to 2500 a auction. So we decided to spy on him at pay up time. 2k bill and he hands over 100. We spread the word. And haven't been back.

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Lookey Loos Part 3....March, 2011
« on: March 15, 2011, 10:46:51 PM »
Found a less populated circuit today...about 20 people...problem is...most all of the say, 30 units at 12 facilities were total junk...really dirty, low end crap...

One unit ...a huge double unit was the only one all day worth anything....went for $1,850 ....lots of stuff but a big gamble at that price in my opinion

This is a hard game to make any money in with the crowds like they are.....I might be moving on to another much time spent and not enough return right now

Yeah if you are looking for treasure. You are in the wrong venue. I had a close call the other day. I'm processing a unit and my 6 year old says hey Papa, look at these gold coins. Heart racing I go to look. 35 or 40 Chuckie Cheese tokens.

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: Chorogrip
« on: March 15, 2011, 10:10:11 PM »
Like most others on this forum, we strive to sell off everything from purchased lockers super fast in order to maintain liquidity to keep buying lockers (and actually be able to spend some profit  :D).  However, sometimes things stick around for a while for various reasons.  Certain items sell best just before Christmas, for instance.  So you buy and hold those, getting a better return when you sell them in November and December.

On rare occasions, we end up holding onto certain items simply because we know it has value, but aren't able to find the right channel to get rid of it.  My albatross has been chorogrips.  Quite a while ago, we dragged three brand new cases of probably five hundred (or more) of these things out of a stuffed locker.  I really don't want to just throw them away because they have value, but until I find that right buyer, they've just been taking up real estate.
try emailing christian books stores with offers. also make you a flyer and email it to as many churches you can

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Lookey Loos Part 3....March, 2011
« on: March 15, 2011, 09:54:52 PM »
Incredible!  I didn't watch the whole thing, but enough to see that they actually started auctioning a unit before everyone had seen it. That's different; but I guess they wouldn't say SOLD until everyone had a chance to bid.

Different kind of building construction than I'm used to also, and of course the singing of the National Athem was a hoot too....hope they got the words right !

Thanks for posting it.

Yeah thanks for posting the link. I had forgotten about it.
As for the construction, this place is older than dirt. And this auctioneer has started auction before everyone sees it. He has also started making everybody form a line and file by one at a time. With the number of people here lately it speeds thinks up. And if the bid get over couple hundred a lot of the lookies will peel off and not even walk by.  I bid on the first 2 unit till they got to stupid prices. The unit at the end they interviewed the guy about. went for 60 should have been a dollar. good luck on the comber buns I here the market is hot right now.
Did get to see my mug in there 4 or 5 times. Damn I look good at work.

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: The Jesus Freak Unit
« on: March 06, 2011, 09:11:29 PM »
Not supposed to throw away religious stuff.LOL Good think God loves idiots and children .

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Post your pics
« on: March 06, 2011, 09:05:52 PM »
the dolls look like $ to me

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Worse locker ever
« on: March 06, 2011, 09:03:40 PM »
By worse, I mean the way the stuff was packed ,..

My son got a locker last week, I have been sorting it out for him, it was about 30 totes and 12-15 sacks of stuff..   he will break even and maybe make a little on this.. but I never seen a unit packed like this one.. the totes I mean.. The people must have had to move in a hurry and everyone went to one room with their own totes and starting filling it.. I had like 25 single shoes, no telling how many single socks.. toys galore, a piece in one tote , a piece in another and another.. I was trying to sort as I went.. but like this I had to  put pieces and parts everywhere to see if I could piece something together.. .. it s  good I had a few days off and nothing else to I am not new to this but if I had to do this everytime I would go back to golfing or fishing.. .IF  a newbie had gotten this locker. I am sure it wouldve been his last. There certainly was not a wow factor here.. but with hard work it will pay off.. and I cant help but wonder where all the matches for the shoes are.. lol. there were several nice womens shoes and several of the leather thigh high boots, I know shoes are  not a great seller but these would have been worth a few bucks as they were new or practically new.
This was work and double work.. I may have charge my son by the
read the legals this sounds like one owner with more than 1 unit. Most times they will sell all units as one. but not always. be surprised you buy the dresser without drawer next guy buys drawers without dresser

I believe that was a stupid question. Better Question. I bought 3 units now what the hell am I going to do with all this carp in my garage. My wife thinks it has bugs in it :o

How does this protect the storage unit renter. As a buyer I want to know that the person who's belongings I am buying has had every opportunity to keep it. I want it to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. They were given every and all chances to keep their belongings. If this bill makes it harder to sell a unit, I am for it. If it makes it easier then I am not.
It's hard enough bustin my ass sorting and moving this stuff. Then trying to sell it for a profit. I sure don't need to feel any guilt for it.
I have a personnel box for pix and papers that I try to get back to the owner. Guilt gone!

As for how it would affect how I find auctions. The ones of us that are good at this can sell pigeon crap to a used car salesman.

General Storage Auction Talk / bidder with no money
« on: March 06, 2011, 08:06:33 PM »
I have heard of this on this site and from a friend. I haven't been out last week and half. So haven't seen it first hand. I will be making a run Tues. and will get clarification from auctioneer. But anybody got any info on what happens when somebody bids up units, wins and doesn't have the cash. The case I heard from my friend was at one of the Boonie places. Independent owner was trying to make arrangements with the bidder to go get the money.
I plan to make this one of my ?s before auctions start. And I think now I will start hanging around at pay up time even if I don't win a unit.  ;D

better stay with the ones close to home.  $1 units around atlanta are going for $200 to $300 now.

Stories about Storage Auctions / Re: Lookey Loos Part 3....March, 2011
« on: March 02, 2011, 03:40:10 AM »
my next one will be the 8th. and it is the local run. Atlanta weather is one of my biggest factors.
 I've only bought 5 this year. and haven't sold enough to make much of a profit. If you total all expenses gas and time. I'm not even breaking even.

That's what has been so frustrating, this time last year I would have been way a head with less time invested.

Now all the noobies are bidding stupid and the regulars that do it 365 aren't even giving me a break.
 I don't go for the big units with furniture. I do the small stuff and they know if I bid, I was buying.
 And since we were looking for different stuff they would mostly back off and not try to bid me up (Yes! I have been called the trash collector). And the noobs are still looking for treasure.

This has always been just a hobby and done from spring to fall. 2 reasons, well 3. #1 is I sell at outdoor flea markets. #2 gets dark too early in the winter and I had to clean out and process everything in the dark. and of course #3 I don't like being cold.

This year was going to be the start at full time. I'm construction contractor, sorry, I mean I was a construction contractor. So I'm still waiting to see if this is "The Year" I open a thrift store. Or just wait till things calm down.

The place I've had my eye on, has been on the market for over year and half. I've been on him hard for last couple months but he doesn't want to come off the asking price. And so far, doesn't want to do reasonable month to month lease.
And of course I don't want a mortgage payment. I guess he can afford to let it set empty.

Sitting here at 4:30am with foot on a ice pack. Wide awake on pain killers. Thought they put you to sleep.
Oh that's right they did. 10 minuets at a time every other hour. Cortisone shot right in middle of my heel. second one in last 7 weeks.hurts like 9 kinds of hell. This time I ask her for tongue depressor. She ask me why and I told her I need something to bite on.

I've rambled enough. time for another 10 minuet nap. 

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