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What's it Worth?? / Superman record player
« on: May 30, 2012, 11:25:01 AM »
Trying to help a friend list a superman record player at the right price.
It just like this one I found, maybe a touch better condition. It works.
Got an idea from google'n and eBay, etsy.....but not sure.
She is listing at $160
She's in serious need of money so wants to pull all she can while still low enough for a quick sell.....

What'cha think?   good price?

And while we're here. If it doesn't sell, anyone know anyone in the Seattle area that collects superman stuff?

Stories about Storage Auctions / First auction since surgery
« on: May 22, 2012, 03:41:47 PM »
Only made it thru the first facility before I was ready to call it a day but felt good to get out there.

One went for $450. Construction unit tht I'm sure they will make a nice profit but to much heavy lifting for me. Just the stuff I could see easily added up to $500-$600 and it was packed deep.
Another construction unit was pretty empty and went for $5. Only interest was a chainsaw case, don't know if it had a chainsaw, and some old hot water heaters. Again, lotta lifting for me right now.

Only two I bid on was a 3x4, pack full.  Spotted a bag with xBox 360 cables, controllers....Saw no Xbox.
And thru a crack I could see a jewelry box and in a grocery bag a bunch of folded up Tiffany bags and ring/braclet boxes from Zales and Kay's.  From listening I heard people talk about those but nothing on jewelry box or xBox components. Was hoping but bidding went to $650 in a flash. Which for what you could see was a bit to risky for me but they will probably at least break even even if jewelry isn't there

Other I bid on was just 20 totes. I bid up to $125. Bidding kept going to $825!!
It was last so kind lingered and lady was opening totes and it was all Xmas decorations and paper, ribbons...and not collectables.
Like someone ran a Xmas wrapping booth over Xmas and figured why am I paying storage and let it go.
Got lucky being outbid there!

Anyway, was good to get out again and pleased the crowds were down. Prices were pretty good over all, inventory just wasn't for me today.  And I got on this auctioneers email notification. So that alone made today worth while.

Only good thing about being off work. Got plenty of time to wait around and let a good locker come to me!  ;D

West / pugetsoundstorageauctions
« on: May 20, 2012, 07:24:36 PM »
I've found never to trust any company that offers useless guarantees. If they start the relationship that way what else are they going to do?

So this site offers:
100% Money Back Guarantee!  We offer a 100% money back guarantee.  There is no fine print to our guarantee.  Our 100% money back guarantee is: "If you're a subscribing client (with a current paid account) for three consecutive months and you are dissatisfied with the information and offers you've received, all you have to do is tell us why you are dissatisfied and provide us with proof that you attended at least half of the auctions we alerted you to, for said three month period, and we will send you a complete refund for the previous paid three months.  Yes, it's just that simple.

PROOF I attended HALF the auction and you'll refund my money?
Define proof?  How do I do that?

The ad says you have 500 listings a month. Even if not, the listings are from Vancouver to Bellingham. Yakima, Spokane....?
Most auctions are tue/wed.  You list 30 on tue in a 100mile area and I'm gonna be able to hit maybe 10 if caravan.
Totally impossible to hit half of all auctions going on in a month.

Plus what if they are cancelled? List 10. 9 cancelled.  Now I gotta make up 4 another day to avg out half?

Anyone actually sign up and check these guys out?

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