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Weird & Wacky Finds / 8/12/15: Teen finds one-pound GOLD BAR in Lake
« on: August 12, 2015, 09:34:55 AM »

At last check, 16,000 EURO = just under $18,000

General Storage Auction Talk / July 2015 Auction Action
« on: July 18, 2015, 09:40:51 PM »
Six rooms on Saturday, 7/18/15 at a nice, clean, local facility.  Only about 10 buyers.  It was a strange day, since I've been to and bought several lockers at this place, and most of the rooms looked tossed.  I know they don't search them - I mean, they can't due to letting the renters pay up right until showtime.  This place normally has pretty clean, organized stuff and it looked like bombs had gone off in a few units! 

Here's photos of some of the lockers:






I went up to $250 on a unit that had new toys, a rolling toolbox, and some real wood furniture, but it went to $375 and it seemed like a wash without much profit.  A bidder I know won it, and I stuck around while he did some digging.  Most of the toys and kitsch were cheap and not name brand and the toolbox was empty.  He should cover his cost with the dresser and two small end tables, but the back had boxes and other "mystery stuff" so it's a toss up. 

Good luck out there!  :051bye:

New to Storage Auctions? / Re: Best way to sell DVD's?
« on: July 17, 2015, 01:12:33 PM »
Amazon is a good outlet, but apparently you have to be approved by Amazon to sell them.  You are also only allowed a certain amount of sales dollars as a "casual seller."  And I know Amazon charges fees. (who doesn't??)   I am patient and tend to travel the established routes with no time table.  Guess it depends on how quickly you wanted to turn-and-burn.

Good luck!

This past Saturday, a Self Storage place was advertising 107 UNITS for auction.  It was down to 80 at showtime, and still at 79 after one poor soul waded through the crowd to pay up.  Below is a shot of a part of the 100+ attendees.

The bad news was - this place was disgusting.   Dirty, moldy, and weather beaten.  They started with a whole row of 5x5s.  They announced they would open five at a time so all 100+ could get a look.  Well, they popped open the first one - and the side walls of the locker were made of PARTICLE BOARD!   :a102:   And the concrete floor was two inches thick in dirt and mold.   Everything inside was moldy, dirty, and smelled BAD.   One regular said, "This place hasn't changed, it's where storage lockers go to die..."   Yuck.   Obviously every drop of rain that has fallen in the past 5 years went through these rooms.

About the 15th locker or so, they started popping open 10x10s - and announced "This unit has not been opened since 1986!!"  (With pride)   Well, the door went up and everyone scattered from the swarm of yellowjackets.  Inside the room was a 3-foot high fire ant hill and mold everywhere.   The smell about made you gag!   Everything inside was beyond ruined - and there was furniture, bed frames, tool boxes, etc.   Would have been a great unit if the outside weather would have stayed outside.  (The auctioneer kind of dialed back his "pride" when the door rolled up on this soon-to-be dump run).  I waited around until unit 25 in 100 degree heat before I left.  It was so bad even a couple whales left about the same time.  The auctioneer started every 5x5 at $50, and never got over $40 for any of them - and started the 10x10s I saw at $100 - and only one room went over that.   

Lesson learned - I had never been here - this was their first auction in MANY years - and I marked if off my list to ever go again.  Particle board walls, dirty units, not a very clean site - all equals crap on top of crap.    I can't believe the site owners let their lockers get into such bad shape.  Nothing was really sellable.  It was a real shame.  I guess if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  :73: 

Good luck out there!

FINALLY!!  This is the first time I've seen this in quite a while. A location that actually give us buyers a chance.  This is from my local legal notices:

"...The collateral securing the above named Tenants will be sold at a public sale to be held Saturday July 11, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. Final payment accepted is July 10 at 5 P.M. or contents of units will be deemed abandoned and ownership is forfeited..."

 :clap:   There are 6 rooms for auction, so maybe we'll get lucky.

Here's the TMZ video:

Plug your virgin ears boys and girls - it's Laura uncensored!!   :c029:  Does she eat with that mouth!?   

Also, I don't understand it.  The main players are making $10,000-$15,000 per episode (or more).  Why can't they all just work together and cash another check??   Wow.....

To me, "online storage auction" just about sums it up.  It's like calling a locker a "unit" or a "room" - those who want to be there will understand, and the noobies will get it eventualy.

Here's a blurb from my local paper....


What's it Worth?? / Re: Sports Cards
« on: July 04, 2015, 11:21:24 PM »
Wanted to bring this back to the front:

I was out this week looking for sport cards supplies - you know, the hard plastic top loaders, sleeves, 8x10 hard top loaders, etc.  It's been a while since I needed this stuff, but it was disheartening to see that all three card shops in my town have gone out of business.  I stopped at a local comic book shop - and they confirmed that sports cards have just about died - no more shops, no more shows, etc.  The comic store used to carry some supplies, but stopped when the last stuff sold out.  There's no demand for it.

Point is, this is a REAL down time for sportscards.  The 80s and 90s standard baseball cards have always been worthless - but even the premium inserts, sets, etc. have taken a dive in value.   Who knows if they will ever come back.  I'm hoping so since I, like many of you, have thousands upon thousands of baseball, football, and basketball cards. :'( 

What's it Worth?? / Re: Taxidermy
« on: July 04, 2015, 11:05:37 PM »
I was at a self-storage auction earlier this year that had a room full of deer heads.  The door went up and half the group went "ooooooooohhhhhhh.....!!!"   :73:  There were about 8-10 mid-sized deer heads showing.  We all thought it was a out-of-business taxidermy shop. 

I was acquainted with the guy who bought the unit (for $1475) so I stopped by the unit after the auction - I was curious how much those heads would go for.  He said $175-$225 each (which is EXACTLY the number mentioned on this thread).  There were a total of 11 deer heads, two foxes, a turkey, three largemouth bass, and a RACCOON!!??  But there was no taxidermy equipment of any kinds.  Strange.  We surmised this had to be a restaurant/store that went out, or a real passionate outdoorsman who lost his stuff.   

Along with other items in the locker (ladder, small air compressor, and misc. tools, etc) - he estimated about $3500 in sellable merchandise.  Maybe a little more, but it would take some time to flip it all.

The good news, so far in 2015 I haven't seen anyone burning rubber into the storage facility two minutes before the auction starts to pay their delinquent bill.  In the past I've seen locker renters almost run over auction buyers heading for the office to pay.  Yikes!   :38:

But I totally agree - if you haven't paid in three months, and don't pay by close-of-business on the day before, it's "sorry Charlie."   I can't remember the last auction I went to where the number of lockers in the paper (or even on Friday night when I call) was the number auctioned.     

6/28/15 UPDATE:

Storage Auction #1 went from over 20 in the paper, to 8 on my Friday night call, to TWO the day of auction.  I have posted photos of the two lockers below - same old story.  There were only four people here, so I thought I chances were good.....until they opened the rooms.   Yuck!   :a102:

Photo #1 - small 5x10 packed to the gills with cheap, broken furniture.  Had a fan, and a hanging wardrobe-type thing, but both were really dirty and beat up.  If you look at the photo on the bottom right there is a black tool case - maybe the person who won it might get lucky.  Room went for $135.

Photo #2 - A sparse 10x10 - the table and chairs on the left looked nice - but the rest was more random wood, a box of Christmas stuff, and a broken trophy.  Went for $165.

At least there was no time wasted getting to Auction #2 across town.  Again, supposed to have six lockers, down to two at auction time.   Both were crap.   First was more broken particle board furniture - went for $25 - and the second wasn't much better - I took a look and left.

Did some picking at a couple consignment auctions - picked up a couple nice wood pieces I can re-stain and either sell/keep and a few little random things.  But the story was the same - just a few lockers and low, low quality.  Even the quality of the consignment items were low.   Hope it's just a short-term fluke!   

Good luck out there!

For some reason, the action is hot and heavy in my area.  Three storage auctions on Saturday, 6/27 (two at historically good places for me) and multiple estate sales/consignment auctions spread out over this coming weekend.  Then three more storage auctions at decent places next week.  WOW - it's been deadsville around here, and now it seems every place wants to "lighten the load" before the 4th.  Anyone else hustling around - or is everyone going on vacation?

Good luck out there! 

From the story above, you have to love the line:

"As far as what will be done with the pot and cash, Gillis said it's yet to be determined if the seized money will be funneled back into the department. Drug raid assets often pad police department budgets, according to NPR. "   :08:

No, really!!??
In breaking news, Police Chief Bernard Fife stated "our department will be upgrading our cruisers to Porsche 944s - so we can really, really catch all those bad guys."   :73:

Of course, that begs the question (which I know has been asked before):
If you found $1.1 million in a locker, would you
A)  Keep it all, hide it, and hope for the best
B)  Keep some amount and turn the rest in with the weed
C)  I would _____(fill in the blank)_________

The Lounge / Re: So what's everyone been up to?
« on: June 21, 2015, 08:34:36 PM »
6/20/15 - two local storage auctions (both owned by the same folks).  Location #1 had eight rooms listed in the paper - down to four when I called Friday night, and down to three on auction day.  (When I showed up I almost got run over by someone burning rubber out of the complex - must have been the 4th person paying up and getting the hell out of there!!)   :73:

#2 had five rooms listed in the paper - but was down to two when I called.   Yeah buddy!

To make a long story short, it was the same old story.  All five units for bid were junk, junk, and junk.  Broken particle board furniture, rusty lawn mowers, trashed matresses, etc. etc. etc.   The highest unit went for $200 (to the local whale) that included an exercise machine, two mid-century chairs, some bar stools (two broken) and two couches.  The rest of the units were covered in dust, but also were full of garbage and NONE had boxes, tool boxes, or anything that would contain mystery stuff.  It was "what you see is what you get."  Two units went for $5.

Yuck. :41:

Private Sellers / Re: Online auction form - Time to Remove
« on: June 21, 2015, 08:19:35 PM »
My 2-cents:  I agree with the standard 48 hours

I am from a more rural area than most of you - but I am seeing 24-48 hours clean out as standard operating procedure.  Of course, if I have needed time for whatever reason, I just ask - and have never been told no.  (normally 24-48 additional hours - but some have offered a week.)  Again, a less populated area doesn't have the re-rent pressure of bigger cities, but my suggestion would be to stay flexible.  Not everyone will ask for more time (and maybe NOBODY will) - but it's been nice have a little extra time on those big rooms. 

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