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Hi all, I have always depended on the internet to find my auction listings. I have had trouble finding notices for auctions in the local paper. Are there certain papers that print these notices? I am in NH. Thanks!

Hi Drew and Pugzilla,

Thanks for the welcome! My official open date for my store is May 1. I have been open on the weekends for a couple weeks but mostly selling by advertising on clist and having people come in by appointment. We just put up our signs last week and have started getting walk ins. My shop is on a very well traveled road and it has a bunch of stores similar to mine (most of them are all consignments and dealers spaces), so I hope to poach their customers:) I had a yardsale in the parking lot this weekend and pulled in a ton of customers and did good biz from that!

Hi all,

Have been trolling the site for a bit now. Thought I'd throw a hello out to all and hopefully start posting myself soon!

I have been selling on clist and ebay for a couple years, getting everything from storage bins now (though it's getting tough out there). Prior to that I did regular auction and scoured yard sales/flea markets etc.

Have been pretty successful and have just opened a retail resale store in NH. I'd love to chat with others in this area and get your take on the change of environment in the storage auction world!


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