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People who lost their lockers to auctions complain? Say it ain't so !

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We've all heard managers talk about the sad stories that renters give about not being able to pay their bills and the subsequent loss of their belongings.  Some of us have even had contact with these former locker owners and their weeping pleas for their stuff back.

Here are over 100 complaints from former locker owners, many of them aimed at one chain in particular and not all deal with losing their belongings..complains vary from bad management, increased fees, etc, etc.

Actually read them-very few have to deal with us getting their property.  Rather its managers or employees stealing their stuff (and we have all seen enough of this we KNOW its occurring), unexpected fees, and rats, water damage, etc etc. 

A lot of people lose their stuff and don't complain.  Interestingly enough while i am in the business of buying lockers, when I was younger I lost a locker.  It is what it is.  The only thing I hated back then was that none of my photos were returned.

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You say" It is what it is". But It shouldnt be.  After reading some of those complaints/no most of them, the policies of that company should be considered illegal on some level, and they seem to hold to the same policies nation wide. They all seem to insist that you buy their $17.00 lock and an insurance policy that they do not honor or the trouble people have had with their things being stolen.
  Not having complaints replied to, even at the corporate level and no attempt to resolve them is another nation wide policy.
  It seems like these people would have good cases to bring into court  for some resolution

I expect eventually we will see a class action on the insurance one.   Lot of people are being told its the law, when it isn't, and complete lack of coverage-and its owned by the facility that in many cases is responsible for the damage! 

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