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Hundreds of airline passengers stopped at security...CARRYING GUNS !

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Are these people STUPID or what?  One guy was found wearing a shoulder holster with a fully loaded magazine in his pistol.  Some people said "I fogot it was there."

The shear number of these clowns is amazing. Story from the Associated Press with lots of statistics. One person had MULTIPLE weapons on him including one inside a boot he was wearing.


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Going from the picture I totally understand how some of that was "forgotten" about.

You wouldn't believe how many times I've emptied my pockets at the end of the day and was like "ohhh...that's where my grenade was!   HONEY?  I found it.  It was in my wind breaker!"

Seriously though, I think the most I've forgotten I had was once I was catching a red eye out of Memphis.  I had been flying or in airports for 20hrs, been up for 36hrs straight  and had bought a yogurt and forgot it was in my carry-on.  Though from the reaction of screeners you'd have thought it was something in that picture! 

Another time they took my little Swiss Army knife.  The kind that goes on key chain and legal to take thru.
Which was funny that THAT was a possible threat but then on the plane I was served dinner with a real steak knife!   Guess they figure terrrist don't fly first class?

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