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Just random chit chat about our finds

Just random chit chat about our finds
« on: October 07, 2012, 05:17:05 PM »
I was going to delete and never come back but decided to placate movie's old eyes  ;)

A few weeks ago we found an actual treasure chest from 1877. Technically it's a Victorian era woman's dome top trunk done in really ornate tin and wood.  It's so cool, I just love it.  We paid $165 for the locker and I was excited about it until we (husband and I) started digging and realized the furniture was extremely beat up and we had no  choice but to go to the dump.  They were using this antique storage to throw their random bills and hair stuff in... I mean really, it's not refinished so they truly just kept damaging it.  We will definitely get our money back from the locker, but it was a lot of work.  

The best one out of the 5 we won we paid $130 for and we almost sold everything in it, from the new bedset to the tables, kid stuff.  It's really interesting to see how quality stuff sells fast no matter what time of year or area you are in if you price it right, and average stuff can take forever even if you are practically giving it away.  

The worst unit we got out of the 5 ended up being a straight up 'tweaker' unit, paid $110, with dirty used needles scattered through everything.  It was horrifying, and I told him unless he sees a pot of gold sitting right out front in plain view I never want to deal with an obvious unit like that.  I didn't even want to touch anything, so we carefully took out all the electronics and good stuff, and made a dump run with everything else.  

We try not to go to the dump very often, I try to give away stuff for free or freecycle as much as possible but those 2 units there was nothing else we could do.  

The most surprising unit we won out the last tour we bought for $95, and all the old timers were laughing at my dh when he won it.  I did not want it, but he was determined that there was something in there.  It appeared to be a trashy unit with old car parts up front and lots of old boxes in the back, and stuff was scattered.  I wasn't thrilled about it, but ended up finding several large boxes of legit collectibles and cool stuff like original coke crates, 1st edition yugioh cards, train set, etc.  

So the most profit came from the good quality stuff locker, the most surprising was the most trashy looking locker, and the worst was the tweaker locker.  The other 2 lockers were run of the mill average ones that I'm still sorting through and have been selling a few pieces of furniture from here and there.  We are going tomorrow, so hopefully it will be a good day.

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Re: Just random chit chat about our finds
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2012, 06:32:38 PM »
I enjoy reading about other people's luck with auction buys and I got through about 3 sentences of yours, but without a paragraph break now and again I can't keep track of where I am.  It wouldn't even have to be at a logical place for a change of thought, just some blank space between two ideas to put in some "breathing room".

Like this.

And this.



After you inserted the breaks I was able to read the whole thing !  (and I bet some younger eyes were saved too) ;D

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