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Calling storage facilities?

Calling storage facilities?
« on: February 08, 2012, 09:28:06 AM »
Does anyone call storage facilities asking about sales/auctions? What do you say and what is the response?

I kept seeing legal notices for one facility. The notice said the property would go for public sale on such and such a date. There were at least 4 to 5 different lockers at each date.  BUT..the number to the facility was disconnected.  I didn't want to miss this sale (if there was one) because all of them did have descriptions of what was inside (from what the lkr owners put on the paperwork).  I even had my son drive past and try to find a number (he was right in the area). No luck. So I called the newspaper and explained that I was looking for a number. She asked a lot of questions....kinda caught me off guard.  So I told her I might know one of the lkr owners that was out of state but couldn't contact the facility. Within 5 min I had a call back from the facility owner.  She was very nice and said most people pay and it doesn't go any further, but she took my name and number in case one would come up.  Not sure if she will call or not but its better than doing nothing. Auctions are really scarce here, with the exception of gun or dairy farm/equipment ones  :-\

Re: Calling storage facilities?
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Calling the places are hit and miss for me.  U-haul you mine as well not bother.  They never answer the phone even on non-auction days.  Some places don't answer phone on auction days.  Others say they will put you on a call list and you never hear from them again.  When I first got into this I called a number of the larger companies or sent emails via their website.  I then made me a calander of when auctions are.  Most are always on the same time of month every month or every other month.  A few are only 2-4 times a year so you just have to keep an eye out on paper.  When I call the conversation is normally along the lines of:

Yes Ma'am (or Sir) - I was calling to ask when your next unit auction / sale will be?
(get answer)
depends on answer but -- which paper do you advertise your sales in?

Thank you for your time.
(hang up and call next on list)

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