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Look out for Recalled TVs!

Look out for Recalled TVs!
« on: April 20, 2011, 08:34:26 PM »
I went to an auction today that had two Sony DLP TVs. A few people thought they were tube type TVs but they're not. And Sony has had so many design problems with them that they are offering replacement TVs for free or about 25% of retail. So don't recycle any of these until you check with Sony! There's a website if you google Sony DLP recall. They were offering a free 46" LED TV shipped to your door or a 55" LED for $400 (cheapest I found was $1600 retail). All you need to do is call and send them your serial sticker off of the TV and a picture of the "Problem" which is very common.

I tried to tell the buyer about it but he disappeared after he won.

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Re: Look out for Recalled TVs!
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Interesting info. Welcome to the forums by the way!