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The Treasure Chest / Re: Old Book and Gold Coins
« on: December 08, 2011, 07:20:57 PM »
Awesome thanks for your help.  Really appreciate it.  That must be the site the appraiser was going off of because he told me found one at auction in Germany for $2300.  You interested in buying it haha.

The Treasure Chest / Re: Old Book and Gold Coins
« on: December 08, 2011, 08:25:34 AM »
Yes that's it.  Mine is a little beat up, but the pages inside are in great condition.  I have taken the book to four book dealers in my area as well as a historian at the local museum.  They all have referred me back to the guy who offered me $500 originally for it.  They said he is the best person in my area and very credible.  I'm going back to meet him on Saturday and I'm hoping he can give a little more than $500 now that I know more about it.

The Treasure Chest / Re: Old Book and Gold Coins
« on: December 07, 2011, 10:44:42 PM »
The book is called "das deutsche corpsleben" tried posting a pic, but it wont load for some reason.  It was funny when I went to get it appraised I approached this older woman and asked her if I could please get some more information about this book, because I have been told it's very rare and worth some money.  She looked at me and said this thing is trash and isnt worth anything.  I said oh really I have been offered $600 for it.  After we did some research on it we found that their only 10 copies of the book in the US.  She pretty much shut up after that.

The Treasure Chest / Old Book and Gold Coins
« on: December 03, 2011, 03:18:52 PM »
My buddy and I bought a unit the other day for $900.  When the auctioneer opened the door we immediately saw a 6 foot vintage craftsman drill press, two table saws, two big tool boxes, scroll saw, band saw, bunch of lumbar, two large old trunks, nice wooden tv cabinet and dresser along with some boxes.  The auctioneer started the unit out at $300 and nobody was bidding on it, probably because the drill press looked heavy as hell along with the saws.  We ended getting in a bidding war with a guy who ended up telling us he was a contractor and he wanted it because of the tools. If he wasn't there we probably could have got it for $300, but what can you do?

After digging through it we opened up the one trunk and found an old locked briefcase. We busted it open and found a jewelry box filled with some old silver coins and a couple very old gold coins. Went and got the gold coin appraised today and was told its worth a little over $640 in gold.  The silver coins are worth around $70.   Also in the briefcase I found an old Original German Bowie Knife.  I have seen them going on eBbay for $50-250.  Also found an old German book that was published in 1902.  Went to an appraiser today and he said the book in mint condition would go for $2,300.  The book is pretty beat up he offered me $500.  I told him that I wanted to get it checked out at some other places before committing.   Unfortunately, since the drill press is a craftsman from 1954 I am hoping to get $200 for it.  Thought it was going to be worth more.

Already got a $200 offer for the TV cabinet and have collected $75 on the misc tools. Not sure if people are still buying cassette tapes these days, because the one trunk probably has over 400 cassette tapes. I also found out the previous owner is an investment banker from New York City after finding his taxes and W2 forms in a box.  Real pumped up though about the locker.  Definitely a rush.


General Storage Auction Talk / Re: Tracking Log
« on: November 28, 2011, 08:57:03 PM »
Sounds good thanks for your help.

General Storage Auction Talk / Tracking Log
« on: November 28, 2011, 05:54:05 PM »
I was wondering if anyone is willing to share their items bought/sold tracking log.  I'm in the process of formating an excel spreadsheet to keep better stats on my items bought and sold, but I figured I would save some time by asking the group.  I remember seeing one on here before, but I cant find the post.  Thanks for your help. 

Welcome to the Online Storage Auctions Forum / Bought 2 Units Yesterday
« on: November 17, 2011, 10:09:05 PM »
My buddy and I ended up getting two units yesterday.  We have been attending auctions the past 5 months, but finally ended up winning two units. 

First unit we paid $300.  Items included a beautiful coffee table with three matching end tables, 4 Lamps that actually ended up having the price tag on the bottom which was $120 per lamp.  An older Baraclounger Leather recliner which retails for around 1k, but I will be happy to get $200 for it.  RCA 32in TV along with a nice TV stand. Also had a ton of artwork and mirrors that were purchased from Walmart and Kohl's because they had the price tags on the back.  They ranged from $5-$30, but I probably have about 25 all together. Also had some old purses and vases.  Also found some old coins, but we got them looked appraised and they are not worth anything.

Second Unit we paid $200.  The unit was a stripped Acura Integra I believe it's a 95-01 acura. A lot the items we actually had to pitch because they were junk.  We do have access to dumpster in the area so at least we didnt have to pay to dump the stuff.  We ended up keeping all 4 Doors and door pannels.  The doors on ebay are going for around $150 and the pannels $50-100.  Unit also included two brand new air bags and some cheap tools.  All in all I think we will make some money of the unit, but it will be a grind trying to find a buyer.

I have listed most of the items on craigslist and am having a garage sale this weekend. I have attached some pictures below.

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