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So my question is just to get some other peoples thoughts on why certain people have 2 separate storage units....but at 2 totally different storage facilities?? What do you guys think the person is doing/has done. They are about 2 miles apart and aren't related.

They have (2) units at one of the facilities and (1) at another...would they just store personal stuff at the (1) unit or could it be stuff they didn't want the other person to find. Guess I'll find out in a couple days! Just seeing what other people might think....

So I have been a member on here for maybe a week now and just wanted to post something on here to maybe get the forums going. I've noticed after reading some older threads that there hasn't been much traffic on here, so hopefully we can get something going with this thread....

Just looking for some stories on how people started (newbie/veteran)...maybe how often they visit, best ways to find auctions, what they do with their findings...anything to get the conversation started! I am recently unemployed and looking for a job, but in the meantime I am going to venture into this cut throat hobby of storage auctioning. I use to dabble in some of these 7-10 years ago, but after recently going to one I see the television shows have attracted several people looking for the golden ticket!

So I will just go to some of these auctions and maybe land me a locker or's hear some of your stories!

Welcome to the Online Storage Auctions Forum / What's up forum...
« on: July 14, 2011, 10:55:25 AM »
Thought I'd drop a line on here to introduce myself...I'm definitely a newbie and will be looking for some help with you veterans out there about these storage auctions! My name is Jay and I am currently in-between jobs, have a little saved to help me through the transition and thought I would dabble in the auctioning just to see how things really are (as opposed to the staged ones we see on television)...

I've been to several in the years past with my dad, but he just did it to do something (retired and curious) and noticed from a more recent one that several new people (as if I wouldn't be considered that) showing up with no experience at all in auctions...I'm guessing trying to cash in on the hype that all the new auction shows portray. Anyways, just want to know I have some well seasoned buyers to seek advice to. I have noticed that the forums don't get nearly as much traffic as other forum I've been to (non-auction related).

So, I'm hoping to hear back from several people and get their take on the auction business. Where I'm from, there aren't too many "thrift" stores yet, so I was just testing the waters on possible lockers and maybe seeing how re-listing on CL does. Good Luck to me and the rest of you...I honestly think there are more than enough storage auctions for us all.

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