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General Storage Auction Talk / auctionzip status?
« on: February 07, 2012, 08:51:34 PM »
i know there are a ton of auctions tomorrow in san antonio, but auctionzip is down and i cant seem to google the information im needing (unless its been cancelled).

auctionzip has been down for a good while. anyone have any insight?

boy am i excited!

im even working out corporate sponsorship! a little history on that:

ive been in the IT and console modification / repair business for well over a decade. ive worked as the lead admin for from 1998-2002. ive worked for apple as a tier2 supervisor/admin from 2002-2004. at that point, i decided i wanted my own hours and went into business for myself.

fast forward to this past november. i got a voicemail on my phone one morning that sounded like it came from nick nolte after a nights carousing at the bars. basically it was 'hello robert, this is douglas, i have a job for you..'.

so, curiosity eventually gets the better of me and i call the number, speak with the receptionist. eventually, douglas gets on the phone and basically says he wants me to take over the IT aspects of his company. we talk for a few hours, agree on an hourly rate and i become contracted to him as the head of his IT department.

well, hes so impressed with the work ive been doing that yesterday, i was relating to him about how this thursday will be my first auction where im going to actually purchase something (he watches auction hunters and storage wars). he says to me 'you know, if you find something really interesting that you think i might like, or something oil-related, let me know. i might just have to invest some money into this idea of yours'.

we've been talking about it more this morning as well. he's even offered me one of his employees and a truck if i get a unit thats too large to move with my rav4.

the last 4 months have been really, really good to me. im wondering if its karma finally repaying me for all the good i've done and not asked for anything in return (im a sucker for pulling over on the highway when i see people broken down and offering rides or advice to fix their cars. plus i like tinkering with cars).

i can only hope and pray that this streak of incredibly good luck continues into my new endeavor with buying and reselling what i win in lockers.

Welcome to the Online Storage Auctions Forum / new guy in texas
« on: January 09, 2012, 08:45:00 AM »
so, ive attended a few auctions locally, thrown out a few bids but never purchased anything. that all changes this thursday, as there are a bunch of auctions going on in san antonio that i plan on attending.

got my lil mag light ready with a spare set of batteries. got a fat wad of cash (not really, but fat for me!). took out the back seats and front passenger seat in my rav4 (hauled a 9' couch in it a few nights ago). i am GTG!


ive been reading a lot this morning, and one of the newer issues im seeing is smell (from other people). im considering bringing a mask now, since my wife works for the police and gets a new mask once a month.

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