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A question in the craigslist forum made me wonder if attendance is higher or lower depending on the way the auction is advertised.

Around here in North Alabama I haven't noticed any craigslist advertisements for auctions.  So The question is in your experience which form of advertisement leads to the bigger attendance at the auction?

Legal ads? Craigslist? auctionzip? or private website?

The Treasure Chest / last couple of auctions have been great
« on: April 02, 2013, 10:11:38 PM »
First let me say hello.  I have been reading all of the posts here for a while now but only recently had a reason to register and post.  I have been buying storage lockers off and on for a few years now.... so far no big losses, the only loss came from a $30 unit that was all trash..... I think i sold about $15 out of there.  keep in mind I live in the country so I can burn the junk instead of the costly dump runs.

Now to the more recent.  About a month ago I went to an auction in a small town not too far from me that had 6 units listed.  At auction time there ended up being 8 units and 3 bidders (2units were leftovers I think) well I bought 2 small units for a total of $70 Then 2 side by side 10x20 units came up with the same owner..... they were both being auctioned together.  these units were full front to back and I could see furniture, tool boxes, tackle boxes and lots of mystery boxes I started the bid at $200 every time someone would bid I would up the bid right behind them trying to intimidate them...... it worked and I got them both for $350.  as it stands right now I have sold ove $1200 off of these 4 units and still have a ton of things left.

Now to this past weekend the same facility had 2 units and a truck (1989 Toyota), and again only 3 bidders.  the first unit had belonged to a Mexican that was buying new in the box stuff up to take to Mexico and for some reason on the last trip down there....... he never came back.  The Unit was being sold together with the truck from the same owner.  From the door you could see sofa and love seat, air conditioner in the box, push mower, excersise equipment new in the box, and some HUGE mystery boxes.   I started out at $500 and only one bidder was against me until I got to $600 he backed out and the manager's son bid $700 so I imediately went to $800 ... son was out.... manager said " I can't let this go for less than $2500"  we all walked to the next unit...... he opened that door and there was furniture, boxes with kitchen items, filing cabinets, book shelves, but in the back I could see a couple of weedeaters and some vintage guitar amps and a flat screen tv (the big floor model) ...... So I started this one off at $300... everyone walked away... then the manager said he had to have $750.... again I walked away

after everyone left I walked in the office and told the guy that he was asking more than I could get for the stuff and offered him $1300 for the 2 units and the truck and he accepted.

in the Mexican unit I found new chain saws, a computer tablet, a NIB Iphone 3gs, there were even 2 like new refrigerators that I couldnt see from the door, new in box printers and lots of nice name brand clothing (probably 500 pounds of it judging by the weight of all the boxes full) lots of brand new Nikes, Pumas, adidas and cowboy boots

the 3 vintage guitar amps were early 70's Ampeg amp units that should bring anywhere from $500-1500 each

now gotta figure out what to do with the truck

Thank you for letting me ramble on forever, lol.

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