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As the owner of a storage auction listing service in the Houston area, I can give you first hand knowledge on this subject. We actually call over 1400 storage facilities bi monthly and scour obscure newspapers to find every storage auction event occurring in the greater Houston and surrounding areas.

Whether you choose to call the storage facilities or scan legal notices, it involves a lot of time & effort, but the results will pay off in the long run. I am not aware of any major city that has a single information source that provides 100% of all storage auction events, other than our city, Houston, TX, which has Houston Texas Storage Auctions. This being said, most storage auction information websites list the auctions of the major players in the storage industry and a handful of others. Most auctioneer's websites only list the storage auctions that they are conducting. Usually, the smaller independent facilities, especially in the suburban and rural areas, advertise their event in obscure local newspapers. This can work to your advantage.

Ever since Storage Wars & Auctions Hunters premiered, there has been an increase in the number of individuals attending storage auctions in our area. I assume that remains true in all areas the country. The auctions in our area that used to have 15-30 people in attendance, now have 50-100 buyers. The smaller independent storage facilities haven't seen a major increase in attendance because their auctions are difficult to find.

Here is what I recommend to all newbies: Invest some time & effort in researching the independent storage facilities in you immediate area. A great way to do this is to go to Google Maps or You can search for self storage facilities by zip code or by city. I suggest that you start with you own zip code. Make a list, then call all of the storage facilities. Some of these facilities do not have auctions, cross them off of your list. Most storage facilities that do have auctions keep call lists to notify storage auction buyers of upcoming events. Call these facilities and ask them if they have a call sheet, then request to be put on it. This is a great way to find auctions that the crowds are unaware of. This will increase your chances of buying a storage unit at a good price.

If you live in the greater Houston or surrounding areas and are looking for storage auction information, check out It is the only information source which provides listing for 100% of all storage auction events occurring in the greater Houston and surrounding areas. Plus, there are 25-40 auctions listed per month that are only available on this website. These are the auctions you want to go to because they typically have fewer people who attend.

I truly hope that I have been helpful & have a blessed day.

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« on: February 23, 2011, 03:35:00 AM »
Hello, My name is Travis Lane, owner of & a professional storage auction buyer. I will be glad to answer any questions you may have about storage auctions in the greater Houston & surrounding communities. Feel free to PM me. Thanks and have a blessed day.

The storage game in Houston is probably the same as most larger cities, we have about 50-70 regulars that have having been buying units for years. Up to December 2010, it was a great business to be in. The game has definitely changed with the amount of people in attendance since the storage shows premiered. It has been tougher the buy a unit at a good price.

Locating the auctions in our area is pretty easy, there are two really good information sources. There is one business newspaper in town that covers a good portion of the auctions in Houston, but they only advertise the auctions of their customers. The good thing about this source is that its free, the bad thing is that they advertise to the masses and most of their auctions have 50-100 people there and you just can't buy a unit for a good price with that many people at an auction. Storage Auctions Houston  is a great source for storage auction information. We are the only source that covers 100% of all storage auctions occurring in the greater Houston and surrounding areas.(usually over 400 in all)  What makes us really different is that we list 25-40 auctions per month that cannot be found on any other website. These are the auctions you want to go to because attendance is minimal. Check us out.

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« on: February 23, 2011, 03:06:44 AM »
For those of you who live in the Houston and surrounding communities, there is an excellent resource for storage auction information. lists over 300 auctions a month plus, since we actually call every facility in the greater Houston & surrounding areas, we usually have 25-40 storage auctions listed that cannot be found on any other website.

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