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What percentage of storage units advertised for auction actually get sold?

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Out of every 10 storage units that are advertised in a notice of public sale, how many do you think actually get sold at auction?

I don't have any data to support this, but I would guess it's around 40-50% in my area.

around here it seems to be 20-30%

In my local town it depends on the facility, One facility is consistently 40-50% It has an auction every other month pretty regular. The other facilities have an auction 1-2 times a year and they usually have 80-100% of their advertised units. If I go to larger cities 1 1/2 hours away it is usually 40-70% from my personal observations(memory).

in long island i'd say about 20-30%.  Like clockwork an extra space in coram puts out 25 names but day of auction we are down to 5-7 and that is pretty much the standard around here.

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yeah, 20-30% seems about right.

What do you think the average number of units advertised per legal notice is?

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This unit sold for ..... post high dollar units here .... pics would be nice

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