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Travis Lane is the Head Geek here at Online Storage Auctions ℠ & Texas Storage Auction Schedules & News ℠. A former real estate appraiser & investor, turned professional storage unit buyer, turned webmaster & author. He's a passionate guy who loves to laugh, help others, & spend quality time with loved ones and friends.

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    • Check the auctions weekly for new auctions in your area. Or sign up for our email list and we’ll email you whenever a new auction is posted within 200 miles of your zip code.

    • Hi my name is Amie Mazzola and I am trying to get rid of our storage unit. It is paid up to date until August 8 so there’s no money owed on it we just want to unload it so we don’t have to pay the monthly bills anymore and the price to get rid of it is very negotiable . You can contact me at my email address which is [email protected] and honestly we have not been into that storage unit for a few years and can’t really remember what’s in it

    • Hi Javier, my husband and I want to get rid of our Salem Massachusetts storage unit it is a 10 x 10 unit and we no longer need any of the stuff in it . If you are interested and offer an ounce and a price for the unit please contact me Amie at [email protected]

  • After an unlawful detainer eviction, my tenant left all his belongings in my apartment. I had everything packed and moved into a storage unit hoping the tenant would pay the storage fees which were almost $1,200. I paid the storage unit fee for one month and a relative of the tenant paid the storage fee for an additional half month. The former tenant has not paid the fees to reclaim his belongings so I need to sell the contents of the storage unit prior to July 17, 2017. I would appreciate whatever help you can offer.

  • I would like to see some on line Auctions, so I can see what it is All about, and
    Would like to Auction off my storage unit .

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