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Pickin is Slow
« on: March 22, 2014, 11:48:47 AM »
I come take a look around daily but I don't have much to post.
Due to multiple surgeries over the past several years I couldn't do the physical labor of big units.
With few small units available and the shows upping attendance, and price, I concentrated on picking.
Now I'm back in college which 1) takes a ton of time and 2) my classes fall during the most typical auction times.....I haven't been to an auction in months.   

Even picking is hard.  Not many estate sales in the winter.  Should be picking up (no pun intended) but I really don't have time to sell.  It's been hard to list items because from day-to-day I don't know what my homework schedule will be. 

There is what sounds to be a great auction next week.  Facility with a lot of units, they primarily have smaller units and its in a nice area of town......and it's scheduled to start the same time as my finals. That's my life.

Seems to be a trend around here.  Profit of units isn't really worth the cost (time, work  ect.) and have branched out into other areas. At least for those of us with other things going on.

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