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 Seems  old Dave has started his own auction house to get read of the crap he buys at the storage facilities because the mogal pro can't sell it at his store LOL.. here's just another example of the show's B.S.
Anyone remember them facy disco club lights he bought and claimed 30k he would make off them HAHAHA well watch this video. starting at 136 LOL yep and look over dans shoulder theres yet another one of them musical lights HAHAHAHA so with this I say B.S. hahahaha you see he's so good he himself has to auction them off because no one wants them he probably took a good loss on them to bad the video doesnt show what they brought. but they didnt sell online HAHAHAHA... YEEEEPPPP B.S. look again around 424 the lights are on they are trying to draw attention to them HAHAHA there boat anchors and they are having a hard time moving them LMAO.. here's the video proof..


Stories about Storage Auctions / Heres one for the books
« on: August 03, 2011, 09:47:10 PM »
I went to and auction on the second. had 5 lockers 3 had paid up so 2 went up for auction. first unit had some ford rims an angel statue car speakers and trashbags, box's. the auctioneer tried to start the unit at $50 no takers so she said ok someone start it so it started at $5 a lady that never looked at the locker bought it for $50 was easy to keep track with 6 of us there.
 We went to the next lkr a 10x30 well it was full of old well used beat up furnitur some had been band aided with duck tape. I mean it look like an epaleptic had a siezure with the blunt end of an axe on this stuff. one old lady there with her husband said OH look at the felt pads on the feet of that old tabel that was it HAHAHA. well the bidding started same thing $5 here $5 there I'm like WTH I jumped the bid from $25 to $100 the auctioneer seemed confused LMAO well it was just three of us left in so she started going down the line $5 a wack so when she got back to me I said $200 she was confused even more and ask you want it for $200 I said yep she started back in the line $5 again im like WTF so she came back to me I held up 3 fingers she was like ok buddy how much this time I said $300 read em and weap. she started back in at $5 incraments I just shook my head and turned around leaving the two bidders after about 5 min an $50 dollars later I turned around as she started speeding up. the guy just had his hand up not looking and she was taking bids off the wall against him the lady had quit bidding she ran him to $500 when he went to look who was bidding she jumped him to $535 and closed on him before he even looked back I was Laughing my Arse off.. there wasnt $200 worth of stuff in there.
 Him and his wife sell the stuff at yard sales. all I can say is if your going to bid pay attention..The lady that was the other bidder looked at me and asked was that what I thaught I saw I smiled and said yea it was what he asked for LMAO.
       The Auctioneer was talking the locker up as we walked off, makeing out like he stole it HAHAHAHAHA...

The Lounge / Aluminum being hoarded
« on: July 31, 2011, 01:06:58 PM »
from the looks of it aluminum could be takeing a nice price hike soon.

"Goldman Sachs owns several aluminum storage warehouse. In fact, Goldman is hoarding more than a million tonnes of the stuff. Goldman’s warehoused industrial metal aluminum accounts for roughly a quarter of the estimated global inventories."

Thats a sheet load of aluminum.

New to Storage Auctions? / ODDS
« on: July 28, 2011, 11:18:07 PM »
If I was a betting man I'd have to say a reality show about bubble gum machine venders getting rare coins should rate right up there with finding a fortune in a storage locker. simply put one could go in business with a realestate agency to clean homes that are put up for sale by siblings of older folks that have passed or were put in old folks homes and they wanted to sell the home but dont have time to clean it out to find old antiques. etc. the bottom line here is how many other ways can you think of to find rare antiques or coins etc. than storage lockers. I mean after all the bottom line is Odds are Odds and one place is just as good as another. but when your out numbered the odds go up.
Take them coin for $$ machines you see at the store "Coinstar" are set up to kick out rare coins or off size into a cup for the machines owner to inspect computer programing has come a long way.
I can see it now gamblers that are on a gambler a holic list in vegas sueing a locker company now because of a loss and they let them gambel on a locker and lose there $$ forced to eat dog food. lawsuit hitting the main stream any day now. I guess if they couldnt find it in a locker they will get it in court. Holly wood could be sued for baiting them wouldnt that be something to see.
yea its out of hand. LMAO I love it. so really why fight it when you could own it. when you get right down to it whats the odds become with the crowds? are the odds better somewhere else with less compotition? whats everyones thoughts here? is this something you would want newbies to really try?

New to Storage Auctions? / I got an Auction coming up
« on: July 16, 2011, 03:00:46 PM »
Its on the 25th so im sitting here doing my research on all the delenquint tennants I've all ready googled them and drove by there house via. google earth. alot of government people in this one most from not in the area due to state budget cutts seems they have put some field office's and personal belongings into storage. along with a 90 year old lady from Calif my guess is she has passed away, havn't quite nailed this one down yet hahaha.
Here's the listing for those interested in what the southwest has.

I was just wondering what else everyone does to get an edge on what might be inside before the big day. maybe I should buy me a pair of X-ray glass's hummm cant say that I ever seen a pair tried before hahaha...

I'll post a few pics of a few of these when I go weather forcast looks to be pushing 100 this day, will see how the crowd is as well.

Im in New Mexico and hit the unites from AZ. to TX. I have spent 6 years digging through dust covered spider infested box's inside these unites that catch my eye. no million dollars yet. but I should be ok now cause I got all of yalls help right?

Thanks!! ahead of time for all the Welcomes..

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