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Saturday night I was with some buddies playing poker.  Nothing surprising there.  One was asking questions about a new business he was thinking about starting, and that led to talking about how I am considering getting back into the storage auction and resale game, at least part time.

They had questions about how things work and I gave them the 10,000 foot overview.  The inevitable question came up about the storage facilities making money off the auctions and I told them about how in a lien auction they only get what they're owed and in theory have to give anything over that to the owner.

The next thing asked was :
"Well then... couldn't you just rent a cheap locker, put a lot of boxes in with labels indicating expensive items, or empty boxes from expensive items and decoys, then let the unit expire and see if someone paid more than was left on rent to make a buck?"

Sometimes I worry about the people I hang out with...

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« on: April 07, 2013, 08:00:58 PM »
Hi there,

I'm rekindling an interest in this business for various reasons.  When I was in high school (I won't say when that was, but I will say Reagan was president) my uncle did Storage Auctions, Picking, Etc and ran a little thrift store.  I would tag along to be his loader/unloader and loved it.   This is the same uncle who taught me how to play poker, so some of the man essentials he covered for me. 

Fast forward to now.  I have a career, make a decent living, and am married.  My wife loves her some reality TV of various flavors and inevitably we ended up seeing Storage Wars.  I immediately started grimacing when I saw their "estimates" on the values of things (one favorite.. "This is Travertine tile... this is around $100 a square foot!" and "user DVD player, that's a $30 bill every day!") and then it dawned on me...

This was how my wife (who has a degree in Medieval Historical studies) acts every time we watch bad documentaries on the History channel....  And how my friends who wrestled in college react when someone brings up the WWE.

Now my nostalgia is kicking in for the days of my youths and I'm debating becoming what , at least from reading these forums, isn't the most liked type of person.... the dreaded part timer.  Maybe buy an occasional unit and focus on things I can haul back to the garage, touch up and sell on CL/Ebay/Garage sales.

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