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between my helper and I we cannot lift a washer, dryer, dish washer, fridge, etc.
But great units go for low prices because stuck right in the middle is one of these "anchors".
Is there any type of service I could search for and pay for to get these removed and disposed of?  I'd rather pay that smaller fee than loose my cleaning deposit on the unit.

Every unit has atleast 1 or 2 of these but usually 5-6!  What can I do with them other than throw them in the garbage, or cut my hands up trying to get the scrap metal out?

I tried calling comcast and they had no interest.
I don't understand them, if you don't return your box when you move they bill you $80!  I told them I would give them 8 boxes for $20 and they rubbed their nipples and said no.

I've tried all the obvious routes, the free membership to, checking my newspapers websites legal notices everyday.  But, I still feel like I'm missing a ton of them.  That when I do find them its the day after or when I do go to auctions I find the other attendees speak about auctions they went to earlier in the week while I sat at home furiosly looking for auctions.

I don't think it should be neccisary to pay a site to tell me when the auctions are.  This is free public knowledge isn't it?

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