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General Storage Auction Talk / Quick way to test for gold
« on: October 03, 2011, 09:40:31 PM »
Just came home from an auction, and picked up a few lots of costume jewelry at $5 a lot. A woman approached me when I was leaving, and said she believed one of the bracelets in one of the lots was gold, she said she deals in jewelry. I did a quick Google and found this video:
feature=related. Sure enough, it's gold, now I can go get it appraised. Might be worth me investing in some gold testing kits. Hope this can help someone in the future.

Off topic, but use sauna tubes and pressure treated 4x4's, it'll last longer then your rental agreement, guaranteed.

This may get cancelled all together. Was doing the math last night. The dimensions of this storage would or will be 10' x 15'. With 4 inches of depth on the foundation. With that it would take me roughly about 75 - 80 bags of concrete just to lay the foundation. ANd since it is so much, I would have to have it delivered. This alone is over $320. So either I am going to have to find a way to get bags of concrete cheaper, cut down on how much concrete I have to use by using other raw materiels mixed with it, abandon the project, or not use a concrete foundation (which is hard to do since I want it very stable and not get rotten).

I was hooked the first time I watched Storage Wars, I used to buy wholesale and sell at a flea market, and I have done domain flipping (buying a domain name, and turning around and reselling for a profit), and have always liked the whole buying and reselling thing. I got a feeling right from the beginning that what was depicted on TV was not how it really all goes down, and I've been learning more on this forum what the REAL truth is. I've been reading all I can on this forum, and other blogs, and next week I'm hoping to get my first unit at auction. I did buy 2 units on Craigslist, but that isn't the same. I have a good eye for things, and think I'll do well with it all. I'm WELL aware of the work involved, I'm not going to be one of the noobs that thinks I'm going to get that ONE unit that will make me rich. I know how to buy and sell, so If I can't see x amount of dollars to be made, I'll let someone else win it. To me, there is NO such thing as reality when there's a camera involved, reality TV is an oxy moron in my book.

So when an auction is sold, anything above what is owed to the storage facility goes to the tenant in default? I'm new to all this is why I ask.

The Treasure Chest / Re: Bought six lockers last week and found
« on: September 19, 2011, 08:37:31 PM »
Probably someone bought my '08 Road King in a unit, compliments of the ex  :-[

Other Forms of Selling / Re: My own website
« on: September 19, 2011, 08:13:51 PM »
This is exactly what I plan on doing. I'm a web designer, and I figure, why sell to someone only once, when you can give them the url to your site on a business card, and tell them to check out the site each week, or however often you update it. You can even capture people's email address and send out a weekly mailing of "specials". It's virtually an online storefront, no brick and mortar involved. If you have an inventory you replenish often, people will continue to come back to see what deals you have.

Other Forms of Selling / Re: Anyone have any experience selling purses?
« on: September 19, 2011, 07:36:32 PM »
A few years back my ex was working at Goodwill. We picked up 5 purses, a couple with the $300 receipt still in them, for I think $16.99 total for all of them. I sold them all on ebay within day and made over $500.

Garage Sales / Re: Crying the blues !
« on: September 19, 2011, 06:41:53 PM »
My friend's make their living soley on yard sales here in Florida around the Punta Gorda area. He has owned 2 antique shops in the the last 20 years, and has an eye for it. She said he was complaining that their ebay listing fees last month was around $1500, but she had to remind him that they did over $20K in sales in just 2 months, just on ebay! They only buy at yard sales, and only sell on ebay. They currently have 4100 items listed on ebay. I'm having my first garage sale this weekend from 2 units we purchased on CL, a 15x20 and a 10x15 for $500. The way it all went down is crazy, I learned ALOT from my first buy, what I WON'T do next time. Someone else's definition of "nice furniture" might not the be same as mine. After kicking myself in the @ss thinking I made a mistake, I learned after weeding through the JUNK, I should double my money, between CL and garage sales. I have a 2 bay big garage, and a storage shed out back. I'm putting tables all along the ouside walls with 3 shelves high above them. The first wall already looks like a thrift store, easily $300 in collectibles just on what I've unpacked so far.
I won't go on about all the other stuff, that's for another category.

Welcome to the Online Storage Auctions Forum / New kid on the block
« on: September 15, 2011, 08:42:30 PM »
I admit it, I got hooked on Storage Wars. I used to do a flea market years ago, but am now getting into buying and selling via storage units, auctions, wherever I can find goods. Just bought my first 2 units, on Craigslist of all places. a 5 bedroom house crammed into 2 units for $500. The washer/dryer set with warranties, the hi def flat screen tv, and the living room set is already worth the price. Going to pick it up tomorrow, and having a garage sale this weekend. Hoping to triple our money, but looking at doubling it as a lowball figure. I'm in Florida, lots of coastal storage facilities, so I'm psyched about it all. My first auction I just went and watched, 16 units and none of them really worth anything. I figured I'd join here and learn all I can.

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