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Bought two units yesterday did okay

Bought two units yesterday did okay
« on: July 28, 2011, 07:44:43 PM »
Went on my favorite PS auctio run yesterday the crowd was big about 40 people.  Lot of new people and prices were all over the place. I paid $125 for a unit a 5 X 10 with some car parts showing but not much stuff in it.  Well when I got into it I found the guy was a Mazda freak.  There were almost 300 new Mazda sparkplugs, there are a lot of other new and used Mazda parts as well. If I do not get $1000 out of this locker it is because I did not try hard there are almost 200 plugs that the ebay price is $9.50 each! 
The other locker was a 5X10 about half full some cement finishing tools showing a car top carrier and a I could see a camo coat. The unit was poorly packed and messy.  I paid $325 for it and was kicking myself for spending that much. I just liked the look of it it was a mans unit but I figured I would lose money on it paying that much. Well on cleanout I found a small gas chainsaw, a Vitamixer, 9 good fighting knives worth $30 to $40 each), some brand new USA made hip waders, fair number of small tools, lots of military uniform items, and I am not done sorting it all. I will have no trouble making money on it but there was 16 years worth of bills and a bunch of newspapers so the dump fees will be high probably $50. 
Those were the only 2 units that really interested me I looked at 17 units and bid on 3. There were a lot of really bad units and some of them went for $40 or $50 dollars. They were worth $1.  The other unit I bid on I bid $1 and it went for $5. 
I long for the old days when $100 would have bought most 5X10s.

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Re: Bought two units yesterday did okay
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nice wins in this day and age!

Re: Bought two units yesterday did okay
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