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The Transvestite Locker.......Not That There's Anything Wrong With That.........

I got a really special locker last week!  I have been doing this for a lot of years, but I got more porn and really disgusting things out of this one locker than any other locker I've ever had!  I won't be posting any pics, but there were a lot of "toys" in this unit, all shapes and sizes, and some even had two "heads"!  LOL!  There were costumes (I think I like the police woman costume the best!), wigs, and some "special" beads, that I definitely did not touch with my bare hands!  But, I think the most exciting part was the large stack of pictures of this really beautiful woman.....well kind of.......she was pretty good looking and had some very nice breasts, but down below, there was something missing......uh, well, more like there was something there that did not belong!  We did have a lot of fun cleaning out that locker, but I will be lucky to break even!

You just need to find the right buyer.  You could be on a gold mine, rather than just getting the shaft.  Search around and see what pops up.

Granted, selling the toys won't work this way, but the wigs and costumes might ...

it's almost Halloween and folks are looking to pick up costumes cheap. I got a locker about 4 months ago that was owned by a drag queen. Never got around to selling the corsets, wigs, thigh-high boots and such. Now have them on sale at my flea booth.

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