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Other Forms of Selling / Social media sales
« on: June 25, 2011, 10:29:00 AM »
Using social media as a sales channel can be valuble for any business.

After beeing self employed for 17 years i have seen the effect of using social media as a tool to reach customers.
And i belive that social media can be very helpful for selling your locker stuff. We all have friends and family that might need things, but we don't speak to everyone on regular basis. So by using your social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or other social media sites can be worth a lot. This way you reach people who knows you, and you reach their friends.

Since i started using social media back in 2003 for my business, we have increased sales with 25%.
The best part is that it is totally free to use. Of course you can run ads thru some of them, but in most cases, it is more than enough to use it without buying ads.

It does not matter what you are selling, there is always someone out there looking for that one thing.
In my case i have used social media from 2003 until today promoting our Power generators, and steel buildings. I have also used this form of selling for my auction stuff since early 2010. But this was a little more of a challange since most of my friends base are located in Europe.  But i slowly built it to fit my contact base on this side of the pond.  Today i sell 50% of all my stuff from lockers thru social media, this means i don't need to use Ebay or CL as much to have my products sold.  I also use my tenants list to sell, since i own several houses and apartments that i rent out, most of my tenants needs stuff on regular basis. They all are on a mailing list that i send out weekly. When new tenants move in, i have furniture to offer them, or other stuff, whatever they need.  Having a malinglist is also a "social media" way to sell your stuff.

So go out there and find new ways of selling, you will be suprised how easy it is when you first start to use it.

The Lounge / Salvation Army
« on: June 22, 2011, 09:15:21 AM »
I have just made a deal with Salvation army, item that i dont want and do not want to haul out from the units, they will pick up in my unit for free. They also give you a tax write off recipt.

I am sure that the salvation army offer this all over the country, so check it out in your area. It can save you a lot time and money. They take most thing that they can resell, clothing, books, and etc.

So give them a call, it might improve your business.

Stores / No way out, a store is needed.
« on: June 16, 2011, 08:30:00 AM »
As time goes and more lockers are won, i have decided to open a store.
Only so much can be sold at Ebay,CL, Yardsales, and etc.

Therefor i have decided to open a store by the end of this year.
It will be a concept store, nothing like a regular Thrift store or outlet store.

The main thing is that i will not rent a place to have the store, i own the land and will build a 6000-7000 sq ft. building and storage facillity. There will also be a complete processing plant on the property.

The plan is for the futurte to exspand in the back of it, and have storage units for rent, there is enough room for about 280-300 units. This way i will draw a lot more traffic to the place then what a single store would.

It will also serve as my new location, for my office and main business.

All i am waiting for now is for the city of Memphis to clear the zoning and approve the plans.

Can't wait to have this up and running.

General Storage Auction Talk / Roadtrip this week
« on: April 25, 2011, 04:38:59 PM »
This week i am going on two roadrtrips to attend auctions.
First one is on wedensday down in Mississippi, about 45 min drive from my house.
Then on thursday i am goin to Nashville, about 2,5-3 hours away.
Everyone i have talked to says that Nashville has a lot of good lockers, so i have to check this out for my self.

In Mississippi there is one location with 18 units up for auction. I guess it will be less come auction day.
The auction in Nashville is 5 different location, with a total of 54 units, i expect this to be lower as well come auction day.

But this is just for fun, since we don't have any auctions to speak of in Memphis this week. Just a few trashy ones not even worth going to.

I am gonna try and get at least one locker in Mississippi and one in Nashville. Maybe more if my luck are with me.

Today i received an email from a friend, and he told me about a place to sell for free online.
I have not tried it yet, but i still want to share it with you guys.
The more of us who try it the more we can see if it works.

Here is the link:

The Lounge / How to get paid for the dump trip
« on: April 21, 2011, 05:11:50 PM »
I was fed up with the trips to the dump and the cost that coms with it.
So i sat down one day last week and came up with some ideas on how to get paid for my trash instead of paying for it.

And then it hit me, so i made a flyer and walked out in the neighbourhood. 30 min later i prepared my trip for the dump the next morning, and i smilled all the way there.

I went to the dump and threw away my storage auction trash for free and made 100 dollars profit.

Stories about Storage Auctions / Free locker
« on: April 20, 2011, 04:19:59 PM »
A couple of weeks back, i got two lockers for free.
The locker that had most stuff in it took me one trip to the dump.

But i sold a bedroom suit to a fellow auctioneer of mine who lives in missouri. He bought it for 125.00
I still have things to sell from this locker. So i expect maybe another 100 bucks from that unit. It all depnds on what i can get for the 90 AC filters from merryweather foam in florida brings in.

But in the second locker there was only one item, and it was facing the wall, so all you could see when bidding was the backside. Well after i got the unit i turned it around, and the link below show you what i got for free. I think they call this, beeing at the right place at the right time.  I have not decided if i am selling it or not, as my wife wants to keep it. lol.!/photo.php?fbid=155318761198244&set=a.138258676237586.26293.124251090971678&type=1&theater

Ok today was a ****ty day.

It was 96 degrees and i picked the wrong clothing. Jeans does not go well with that heat.

Well then it was the lockers, or the lack of lockers. Most was paid off, the one place that had 43 units cancelled for the 3rd time in a row. Something fishy going on there.

The last locker of the day i won, it was more like " i don't want to go home empty handed locker" so i bid it up to 35 dollars and got it.
I will most likely double my money on it. It had a ok older desk in it that i like, think i am keeping that to my self.  The reason it did not go higher was becasue most people said the drawers was missing. But after i won it, i found all 4 drawers , they was pushed to far inside the desk. And from the door we could not see that. So all in all i am happy with it. It will find its way into my collection.

Stories about Storage Auctions / 2 new lockers won.
« on: April 13, 2011, 05:38:32 PM »
I got 2 new lockers today, they are of the good kind. The ones i love to make money of.

First locker i got for 1 dollar. From this one i have already sold for 75 dollars.

Second locker i got for 50 dollar, this one has potential of hitting 800 dollars when i am done.

Update of what was in them will follow when i have gone thru locker number two.

What's it Worth?? / Help needed!
« on: April 11, 2011, 06:54:29 PM »

In my army locker i found a thing that i am not sure what is worth. And when trying to google or ebay it for something close to it, nothing shows up.

Take a look at the pic, i have never seen anything like it before. Can anyone help out here?!/photo.php?fbid=153418191388301&set=a.138258676237586.26293.124251090971678&theater


I found it, damn those Germans makes alot of weird things.

Stories about Storage Auctions / New locker in the rain/storm
« on: April 11, 2011, 03:50:28 PM »
Went to the U-Store-IT auction today, and got my self a $150.00 locker.

This unit was screaming ARMY! lol as there was alot of of army stuff that we could see. I have justdone a quick looking thru and i have found tons of millitary and army stuff.

I also found a jar with 30 bucks in coins, so basicly i only paid 120 out of pocket for it.

Does anyone in here know what army stuff sells for? i mean uniform jackets, flashligths, awards, medals, ...etc. He also had his IRAK worn jacket in there with an award for the tour and duty.

Stories about Storage Auctions / 4 units today ( 2 was totally free)
« on: April 07, 2011, 11:36:30 AM »
I got 4 units today for the amount of 57 dollars.

This was a silent auction, and i got one unit for $25.00 and another for $32.00

Well i arrived 10 minutes late, and the first 4 units of a total of 13 had been auction off, well 2 of them did not receive a bid. So they just left them unsold.
When i got there some of my auction pals started joking about me buying the 2 that diden't sell earlier.
The auctioneer took me to the 2 units after the auction and showed them to me, and it was not that bad, but i said, now i understand why no one bid on them. Then he said, i will give them to you for free. OHHH yeahhhhh even a bad unit is worth 0.00 dollars.

One of then had a nice china cabinet, stamped made in the USA, i can easy sell that one for 75.00
The other one is more work, and i don't know what i will find in there later on. LOL it can be a big suprise or one trip to the dump.  Anyway, for 0.00 dollars i am willing to digg thru boxes and stuff to find that one item that will bring me $100.00 or more.

After a long period without auction we kicked it off here in memphis today.
The next 2-3 weeks will be nasty busy.

Well i got my self a unit at todays U-Haul auction. Had to fork up $425.00 for it. But thats ok, there was a safe in there. and a lot of other goodies. Can't wait to go thru it all this weekend.

All i know is that this unit belonged to a self employed real estate agent, and i think she went out of business.

I took home one little box with stuff, and so far it has a re-sale value of close to 1500 bucks. can't wait to bring home the safe, big tv, HON filing cabinet, and 7 boxes full of stuff, and a 22" flatscreen tv.

General Storage Auction Talk / Storage auction and Estate sale in one.
« on: March 31, 2011, 02:39:53 PM »
Today i went to an auction at a place that only has 2 auctions per year.

This was a totally new experience for me, they had an auction of 2 units, but these units was wooden crates, and all the stuff was displayed. Really nice cool stuff. So far some of the best i have seen.  One went for 1150 and the other for 650.

Well when the auction was over, they had an estate sale, so we walked into another part of the building, again i have to say, TOP products, alot of old stuff, prices was a little high, but they could be talked down.

Well i did not win any of the auction units, but i found 5 nice pieces at the estate sale part of it, and i got these 5 pieces for 13 dollars.

When i came home i got a shock when i started checking out value on things, one thing can in fact be priceless, if this it the real deal.

I got  one scooter carburator, looks like it did when it was made back in the day. It is for a Cushman scooter. This thing is valued around 175 dollars.

I got a silverplate gravy spoon and that is worth about 35 dollars.

I also got some other silver stuff that are valued around 200 dollars.

But the main thing is that i got a special old old old milk cup or something. It has the name britling cafeteria stamped on the bottom, britling was only to be found in Memphis,TN and Birmingham,Al. If the note that was inside it is correct then this is big. I have to get it verified and checked out.  I can say so much, Elvis Presley's mom worked most of her life for Britling, and there is a huge thing about it displayed at Graceland. Well the note i found inside it had her signature, annd some other text in it.

They also had several desks there with alot of old papers in it, they are sending me those papers for free, damn i can't wait.

Other Forms of Selling / Cell phones
« on: March 28, 2011, 04:11:53 PM »
Here is a way of selling old cell phones that you find in units.

Often i find 2,3,4 cell phones in one unit. Some of them i sell on ebay, some on CL.
But not to long ago i found a company that buy old cell phones, and in many cases they pay better then what you will get on ebay.

I just got paid today for 2 nokia phones, the payment was 64 dollars. not bad when they came from a 70 dollar locker.   Prices on phones are listed on the website.

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