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Hustler University 30 Day BootCamp Begins March 26 2013         
Just giving you first dibs on the Hustler University 30 day BootCamp, this will be different from any bootcamp I have ever done!

Each day you will have a task that is one of element of the program to move you closer to  developing a business platform.

30-45 video audio/video  modules each day!

Homework each day.

You will be working on making money during the bootcamp!

Some of the course work

How to make something from nothing

Building a business


Business Plan Development

How To use video to sell your products/services

How to sell

How to find customers

How to find vendors

Creating your own products

Selling things for other people, no cost , all profit

How to leverage your time for more money

Why you never should say broke!

Incorporation of your business and how it will save you a ton on your taxes!

Roth IRA

A Hustler T-Shirt at the end to commemorate your graduation!

These are just some of the things going into my most massive bootcamp ever!

If you are a member of  The Hustler Mindset Project- * this is inclusive*  because of the BootCamp, the price of THMS is going up to $99.99 per month the day before Bootcamp begins! 


I will put the purchase link up very soon, like I said this was to give you first dibs on what is to come!

See you on the good side!



Glendon is now reaching deep into the bag of tricks.


Yes the big Peni* in the Sky is coming for you!  Whether you are prepared or not, it is coming! The question is are you prepared? It is not a matter of it coming or not, it is a matter of when!

In 2003 a crew  tried to break into my warehouse, they were met by a .45 held by my partner and a "fully automatic weapon"   in the hands of yours truly, that we got out of a unit. Needless to say they ran like a bats out of hell and never came back!


We were prepared for the Big *enis moment, are you ?  The crew that is coming for you is the economy, the disruptive nature of technology and a growing segment of the world that wants middle class or better lifestyles.

The world is changing , are you?

For the last five months, I have worked on courses, training and other materials to help you think better, be better and if you desire, start a business.  Starting next week, there are two webinars to help further that aim.

How To Raise Money and How To Hustle on Craigslist

If you want to make a positive difference in your life, sign up today- this offer will self - destruct soon!

For the last few months- many people have asked about  the " Big Pe*is In The Sky " video in about a hour of so it will be reposted on Youtube- it grim, gritty and realistic, just like the world we live in!


Thanks for being a loyal email subscriber. We appreciate hearing from you. Let us know if you ever have any questions.

General Storage Auction Talk / Glendon's One Time $150; Grow in 2013
« on: January 20, 2013, 05:11:59 PM »

"Maybe YOU can be one of US" last day.

 Please note I am only posting to inform and amuse.  I actually think Glendon has useful information, and has provided U Tube some 500 free videos, and has written number of books that were well received on Amazon. His emergence into pay webinars, and coaching could be good for him, but from a marketing point of view, I am a wee bit skeptical. 

So don't blame the messenger, and please no more Tony "HOTFOOT" Robbins. Tony is a vision in his own mind, as is the successful David Ramsey, while Glendon can only dream of hustling and hucksterism.

Glendon is at it again, "Dare to be Great"

Time is running out , the mission brief will self destruct on the 21!   It seems  many folks want in on Sparta or a one time fee for everything:


The Hustler's MindSet Project monthly training

HMS 300 Audio Book Club- monthly audio book

Discounts On Products/ Consults  ( print and joint ventures)

HMS Webinars and Skype Chats ( more coming)

Future Developments ( yes  more is coming)

Craigslist Course is after the resale session.

So for those that asked

The Everything Package $695.95  for 2013

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