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 Confession, I live in Anaheim Ca, and I did buy Glendon's books, because I do think Glendon has knowledge, despite his eschewing formal education past the secondary level. However, I have noted that his pay site for $50 or $75 a month, nor his consulting now $300 per/hr, is  of interest to me.  I have no relation, nor interest financial interest past that, other than  I am on Glendon's mailing list.  I have posted the info from Glendon's list when not censored.

However, I have hoped people would follow Glendon for his marketing methods.  I was originally a Marketing Major, and so I have noted Glendon has made good  use of Social Media (Basically free) after a one time storage auction gambit, and I thought it might be constructive to watch. Free is usually good.

I have discussed Glendon's shortcomings, in previous postings, but Glendon is evolving past Storage Auctions and perhaps he will do better financially for it. Ultimately, that will depend on Glendon and his message. The market will decide.


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As a possible solution,  use a wood filler on the rough spots, leaving enough room to put matching wood (cherry, mahogany, walnut, birch,...etc. )  laminate strips (available in all lumber yards) high enough, to  sand and knock down smooth. Sand till real smooth and hand finish with a dark tongue oil, to blend in any imperfections. 

This is type of effect is done all the time with very  high end masonry counter work , adding a bit of mortar to the wormholes, to make a beautiful blended finish.

Lacquer Furniture?  Well I know this is not an easy process.  Many coats lots of sanding, and not cheap.  It would seem you would need to almost specialize in this, rather than doing a one off.  People South of the border or overseas  may have a labor advantage, and looser environmental controls to go into a production sequence. With the Chinese competition composites (particle board and veneers) using natural type finishes , plain vanilla furniture painting seems passe.

Please do not take this information as more than intuition based on minimal information. Since nobody answered your post, I thought I would try.

I am sure the "hyperbole"  of the show played a part. People recognize that "showmanship" maybe legal, but there is always some fallout for guilding the lily.  We will never know.

Loss Prevention

This has been my concern all along; the one Glendon would not comment on.  Not because he was ever at a loss of words, but because this concern is almost  impossible to quantify.

The only parallel I can draw, is the one night a week  Auction Business, where every item that comes through gets a number attached to paperwork. The system now has software, that is reasonable for those just beginning, but in the case of theft or people moving lots to beat the system, you are still at risk.  Housing the merchandise in a warehouse (Like Glendon suggests) is great unless you have a meaningful way to separate the high from the low value items. Then you could have 2 warehouses.... which is more costs.

To the Proclaimed Glendon fan: The post came directly from his mailing piece.

To the other posts:  I agree you have to protect your investments and personal property. However,  In this case he was appearing to use  an automatic weapon, as part of a business  or loss prevention strategy.  Personally, the Rambo mentality may be great for the big screen, but how can you man the gun 24/7? And how do you protect against theft from customers stealing on display merchandise? Or personnel moving merchandise within the warehouse or store? And what about the legal consequences of shooting people with an automatic weapon?

As far as I am concerned there are a lot of unanswered questions, that Glendon does not address. More important, for Glendon to show a blimp suggesting a large member, seems misguided.  There are many other  ways to suggest impending financial doom, and if Glendon would use a different approach, he might  attract rather than offend.

n this promo, Glendon chronicles the episode:  "In 2003 a crew  tried to break into my warehouse, they were met by a .45 held by my partner and a "fully automatic weapon"   in the hands of yours truly, that we got out of a unit. Needless to say they ran like a bats out of hell and never came back!"

Unfortunately, this appears to be Glendon's take on loss prevention.

 Perhaps that could be a new reality show.  "Buy it, get your guns ready, and then sell it."

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: Hot Wheels Anyone?
« on: January 26, 2013, 10:53:36 PM »
I was just reading through a Toy's Price Guide, and though there are some bright spots including Hot Wheels, I personally don't see it unless you get into the antique toys, 100 years and older. But remember antique does not  necessary equal valuable.

The steel/aluminium kiddie lunchpails are something else.  Like $300 for a Brady Bunch Pail.  Must be in primo condiiton with thermos.


Glendon is now reaching deep into the bag of tricks.


Yes the big Peni* in the Sky is coming for you!  Whether you are prepared or not, it is coming! The question is are you prepared? It is not a matter of it coming or not, it is a matter of when!

In 2003 a crew  tried to break into my warehouse, they were met by a .45 held by my partner and a "fully automatic weapon"   in the hands of yours truly, that we got out of a unit. Needless to say they ran like a bats out of hell and never came back!


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Picker's Paradise / Re: Great little pick
« on: January 24, 2013, 01:57:30 AM »
This is a great story; By being creative, you get what you want, and you aren't responsible for  trash or selling marginal items.

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: Glendon's One Time $150; Grow in 2013
« on: January 22, 2013, 03:30:59 AM »
Glendon has his faults.  My roommate thinks he has a disagreeable personality; and I tend to agree with her to an extent. But I recognize some of the black idoms, and I realize that many  may not go well with all (Females perhaps, in particular). However,  he has to be positive, and therefore some would say arrogant.  I would say he may be overcompensating, to show a positive attitude.  Perhaps if you have watched him, he eschews higher education, as he points to the many recent graduates that don't have  a job. Furthermore, he suggests that education has been

I happen to agree with him, and recognize that storage auctions are only one   avenue, that he apparently took prior to the Reality TV show debut.  However, while  describing great deals, he minimizes questions about expenses as well
as shrinkage (theft); I noted that he bypassed my question about handling employees, partners, and vendors, surrounding loss prevention.

 Most businesses require a paper trail, a trail apparently non-existent in the storage auction resale business.  Nobody can really figure which end is up. He  speaks of gross  revenues, but he did have a  partners, as well as contract people for Pick Up and Delivery from a warehouse with  least one 27ft box truck not to mention a store.  He also talks about re purposing items, to make the sale.  Well great, that takes lots of time, and additional money.  So really, the storage auction, is only the beginning for him, before developing  a large  fixed cost structure necessary to operate. Welcome to the real world; Glendon is no different than anybody else.

General Storage Auction Talk / Glendon's One Time $150; Grow in 2013
« on: January 20, 2013, 05:11:59 PM »

"Maybe YOU can be one of US" last day.

 Please note I am only posting to inform and amuse.  I actually think Glendon has useful information, and has provided U Tube some 500 free videos, and has written number of books that were well received on Amazon. His emergence into pay webinars, and coaching could be good for him, but from a marketing point of view, I am a wee bit skeptical. 

So don't blame the messenger, and please no more Tony "HOTFOOT" Robbins. Tony is a vision in his own mind, as is the successful David Ramsey, while Glendon can only dream of hustling and hucksterism.

I posted Glendon's Gambit, to inform and amuse.  Now Tony "Hotfoot" Robbins is another story.

Bring your fire extinguishers.

Glendon is at it again, "Dare to be Great"

Time is running out , the mission brief will self destruct on the 21!   It seems  many folks want in on Sparta or a one time fee for everything:


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