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Glendon is searching for the holy grail (Note the small caps) .  He has a $50 subscription site, and now a $80 talking book, and has more websites and promotions , than I can count.

He states that he made more $$$ in the storage auctions, (prior to the TV shows) than he does now, and I tend to believe him. While he probably knows as much as anybody about storage auctions,  he wants to do videos and write. Why?  You can draw your own conclusions.

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: Beware of staged units!
« on: January 10, 2013, 02:53:32 PM »
 :'(With the high turnouts; 100-150 people at the two last American (Dotson)  Auctions, in the LA/Orange County area I am surprised that they are goosing the units as well. Well, not really, I am skeptical about the auction scene in So-Cal; Even a Camarillo auction was frequented by a Storage wars regular, selling at $4300 to the regular.

So the moral is, try multiple areas, and channels of buying/selling.

General Storage Auction Talk / Re: Flipping Storage Units
« on: January 09, 2013, 05:09:18 PM »
Haven't seen this done specifically, but if there is a "good response" and willing buyers that can more than cover your
cost, I would continue.

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