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eBay Large and Bulky Items Shipping - Pilot Program with eBay Developer

Hey folks,

First post here. J

Without turning this thread into a blatant plug for my company, let me mention that we recently became eBay certified developers:

and that we're looking for eBay sellers to sign up to our pilot program which is a shipping tool for your customers to get real-time quotes for shipping large bulky items that are difficult to move.

We pay a $5 'bounty' for customers you send our way and our tool will (we hope) compliment your auction.

I'd love to tell you more.

Please PM more - or if I have the blessing of the forum moderator I'll go into more detail here.

Thanks folks!



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or if I have the blessing of the forum moderator I'll go into more detail here.

Kudos for having the decency to ask first.

Thank you!


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I would like to hear proceed.

I would like to hear proceed.

OK, good to have the thumbs up from a moderator, thanks Travis. I'm happy to explain a little more about what we're doing.

Our company is called CitizenShipper, and we've been in business since 2009. We're a bit like the eBay of the shipping world, connecting people who need to ship bulky hard-to-move items with people who can do the shipping. Drivers compete against each other in a reverse auction style format and the customer picks a driver based on their bid, their feedback, and their driver security ratings (we do background checks, name checks, address verification and more). At any one time our marketplace has about $1M in available shipments which we connect with drivers. We have an A rating on the BBB, recently partnered with and just became certified eBay developers.

This video, captures what we do in about 80 seconds.

What We're Looking For

Shipping heavy bulky items across the country remains a challenge for many eBay members, and increased shipping costs have exacerbated this problem. Because of this, a large fraction of eBay auctions for these sorts of items end up being relegated to "local pickup only" which drastically reduces a buyers ability to reach the vast population of US eBay users. The challenge is further enhanced by the fact that accurate shipping marketplace estimates for these difficult to move items are rarely available in real time. This makes the buying and selling process particularly difficult for these types of members., and online reverse auction shipping marketplace has tackled this challenge head on by releasing a new eBay tool specifically geared to target these users, and to make their lives easier. CitizenShipper's new eBay certified tool allows buyers to obtain real-time shipping quotes for bulky hard-to-ship items by querying their own database of similar previously shipped items.

We're looking for people who sell frequently on eBay to use our new tool.

The tool inserts a small banner at the bottom of your auction which directs your buyer to our shipping estimate page, which provides them with real-time estimates of what it would cost to ship their item.

For every new customer you bring to us, we pay an affiliate 'bounty'.

You can sign up to use this tool here:

We then link your CitizenShipper account with your eBay account and take it from there. It's easy to install (couple of clicks) easy to uninstall (again, a couple of clicks) and runs on autopilot - in the sense that after you start using it there's nothing more you need to do apart from collect your bounty checks.

Happy to answer any questions you may have.


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Sounds like to me, but with a convenient tie into eBay.

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